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Missiles, exploding drones again hit Ukraine’s power, water

Missiles, exploding drones again hit Ukraine’s power, water

Parts of Ukraine’s Capital City are in shambles this morning after blistering rounds of Russian air assaults U.S defense officials say that Moscow used iranian-made drones to carry out those deadly Air Raids on Kiev raising concerns about a deepening alliance between Russia and Iran ABC’s Justin Finch has details.

After months of relative calm Ukraine’s Capital City Kiev is back in the kremlin’s crosshairs coming under Fire again in his address Ukraine’s president zielinski reporting the latest Russian Air Attack killed at least four in Kiev including a pregnant woman zielinski also saying his forces shot down more than 30 iranian-made Shahed drones.

Russia used to wage those deadly strikes the U.S also noting Russia’s pivot from missiles to Iranian drones calling it cause for Global concern Russia deepening an alliance with Iran is something the whole world should especially those in the region and across the world frankly should be seen as a profound threat and saying U.S.

Intelligence is finding Russia is deliberately targeting non-military targets and civilian infrastructure to inflict Terror those attacks leading to dire conditions across Ukraine saying he and his family have no electricity water or gas Crews working to keep utilities online as temperatures drop we are going to continue to work.

With our allies and partners we will continue to impose costs on Russia hold them accountable the White House says the U.S will continue to back Ukraine announcing 725 billion dollars in additional security funding last week the U.S believes Iran has likely supplied hundreds of drones to Russia and is warning other nations against.

Supporting Russia saying the U.S will not hesitate to use sanctions in response hello I’m Mark Brown get more great ABC 7 content by clicking the Subscribe button for our YouTube channel and download the ABC 7 Los Angeles streaming app on Fire TV Android TV Apple TV and Roku to watch on your TV

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