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Migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard moving to military base

Migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard moving to military base

Today nearly 50 venezuelan migrants are back on the move after florida’s republican governor flew them up to martha’s vineyard and dropped them off there and a political ploy trying to make a point about immigration the migrants are now being relocated to a military base on cape cod they arrived the vineyard wednesday part of a.

Campaign by ron desantis of florida and texas republican governor greg abbott they’ve been moving migrants out of their states and placing them in democrat controlled areas many of the migrants taken to martha’s vineyard said they did not know where they were being taken governor desantis said the migrants traveled voluntarily after.

Signing release forms immigration lawyers say all this stop and martha’s vineyard did was detour already desperate people it is sickeningly cruel throwing obstacles in the way of people fleeing violence and oppression some of whom walked through 10 countries in the hopes of finding safe safety.

Massachusetts emergency management agency is going to give the migrants food and shelter and other necessities as they figure out their next steps

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