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Meta unveils its much-hyped Quest Pro headset

Meta unveiled its Quest Pro virtual and mixed reality headset, marking a milestone for Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg’s break into the higher-end market for extended reality computing devices. #News #Reuters #newsfeed #meta #technology #virtualreality Subscribe: Reuters brings you the latest business, finance and breaking news video from around the globe. Our reputation for accuracy

Meta unveils its much-hyped Quest Pro headset

Foreign Quest Pro is the first in our new line of advanced headsets built to expand what’s possible in VR thank you we’re really excited to get this into.

Your hands and it’s available for pre-order starting today for 14.99 foreign virtual reality isn’t some obscure hobby anymore millions of people use it to play games work out collaborate or just have fun everyone from the newest Indie developers to the most established tech companies are.

Getting into this space but for virtual reality to really reach its full potential the we need to get to the point where the 200 million people who buy new PCS each year for work can do some or all of their work even better in the metaverse thank you foreign.

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