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‘Media hate list’: ABC was ‘unanimously against’ Cardinal George Pell for decades

‘Media hate list’: ABC was ‘unanimously against’ Cardinal George Pell for decades

It always seemed to me that the trial of George Pell was never so much about George Pell as it was about the Catholic church and and that they had basically picked him as the most senior Catholic in Australia as the man that had to take the fall for the sins of the church and then when that all ultimately fell apart in the high court it it felt like a.

Terrible moment for the entire cause of trying to repair what was done within the Catholic church because they had pinned their hopes on one man who was ultimately found not to have committed the crime that he was accused of it just felt like he had to take had to take the fall for so much that that was not of his doing and he was The Whipping Boy.

Basically well you must also acknowledge that for a couple of decades before then he was already on the media hate list I’m talking particularly the ABC which unanimously was against Pell for for decades because it was conservative because he tried to chain uh make priests follow the teaching of the.

Church rather than a left-wing gospel because he did things like Christian Global warm the global warming religion which he correctly saw as a rival Faith to the Christian one uh he did all that in the end it was only in the last few years that it was you know oh and it’s a pedophile as well and that’s when of course it’ll hit it but you you still.

See what you described to this very day it is impossible to believe when you look at the evidence that this man raped two boys at once two teenagers he didn’t know them at all in an Open Door room over five minutes when there was no possibility that they wouldn’t have been interrupting this five minutes I mean the whole whole thing was just absurd he.

Is innocent yet right now you’ve got people like the Prime Minister like Darren hinch say oh look you know it’s a difficult day for Kathy’s you’ve got Louise Milligan the ABC journalist who made a matzo writing books uh falsely spearing him as a pedophile oh this is a triggering day for victims look it’s an insult to victims of of Catholic priests.

Pedophile priests and they did exist and may they rot in hell some of them indeed it’s an it is an insult to them to think that they would or should feel better for ju by jailing an innocent man for crimes he could not possibly have committed how on Earth is that Justice and why do politicians and even some priests some Bishops to this day why do.

They tiptoe around and say oh we’re really sorry for the victims uh you know we’ve got to remember the victims so this day that George Pell is dead no he’s an inner innocent man an innocent man and he was the victim of one of the most grotesques miscarriages of Justice in Australian legal history following my show this evening we’ll be playing your.

Interview with Pell back in 2020 when he came out of prison let’s just take a quick listen to some of what he said at the time the moment in court when you heard the word guilty what went through your mind I don’t know whether much did I was uh too busy keeping control of myself it.

Was a blow and uh I just had to put up with it you obviously saw him after what would have been one of the darkest times in his life what stood out to you about him then if you had a sense of Injustice he felt that there was something going on the Victoria Police and I believe is.

Absolutely correct but he showed an amazing forgiveness for the man who’d falsely accused them I find that uh look I say to the to his last days he was a true Christian trying to live up to the faith of Jesus Christ I’m not a Christian but I greatly admire that and I think a lot of people today should remember him as having followed.

Christ in one thing he was unfairly accused he was crucified and he died for the sins of others Andrew bolt thank you so much for joining me today thank you