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McCarthy after losing speaker vote 11 times: ‘I feel good’

Foreign McCarthy just left the Capitol and here’s what he had to say just moments ago have you seen any one no but we haven’t seen any game but you would have thought would you not have to you’ve held on remarkably well I.

Will give you credit for that okay let me let me you all hypothetically anything you want who else videos can get the 218 who I know it’s Glee we put a lot of names up you think he doesn’t he hasn’t been put up could he get 218. maybe.

Maybe Brad’s good so what’s the problem to win at one point how many more votes until we win did you come to anything really I felt I felt very positive yesterday I felt more positive today I think we had really good discussions I think it really come to a really good point.

I think did you close it though we’ll see

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