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Mass arrests in Brazil following pro-Bolsonaro insurrection

Mass arrests in Brazil following pro-Bolsonaro insurrection

On Sunday anti-democratic protesters stormed the Supreme Court Congress and the presidential Palace they were there demonstrating an election they falsely claim was stolen by President de Silva police say they have secured key government buildings and arrested at least 300 Riders I want to bring in freelance Brazilian journalists Sam.

Cowie now Sam joins me from Sao Paulo Brazil Sam thanks a lot for giving me your time today appreciate it yeah thanks for having me talk to us I I guess you know kind of take us back to sort of what we saw unfold yesterday those that we spoke to said this was very much a mirror of what happened in the U.S on January 6.

Yeah even even worse right in many respects more damage caused the buildings um some of it irreparable um you know precious artifacts and artworks things like that vandalized um but uh yeah I mean no deaths as opposed to in Washington but uh yeah what we saw yesterday was essentially uh.

A highly organized uh movement which uh really brings into question the uh security forces and intelligence in the capital Brasilia um the governor of uh the federal district where Brazilia is situated has been removed from Duty for 90 days um he’s a supporter of former president bolsonaro.

Um yeah so like lots of questions involving complicity with State security forces here we know that like 80 buses full of these rioters turned up on Saturday and that you know apparently slipped under the radar or you know was allowed to slip under the radar so lots of questions being asked regarding uh uh the state of the security Port is.

Um in the capital of Brasilia and we also know that in the United States like there’s being put some pressure on Joe Biden to extra diet or to to revoke the Visa of Jaya bolsonaro who’s in Florida right now and also yeah the arrest as we were saying at the beginning of the show we knew of 300 arrests that’s that’s shot up to 1 500 arrests right now okay.

Which is an astonishingly higher number I’ve never seen a number like that uh in more than 10 years reporting in Brazil Sam what does this say sort of about the political climate watch de solver is going to to be have to is going to have to be dealing with in order to bring calm and and to be able to govern yeah it’s a really good question I mean.

Like in the short term um probably this is going to be a boost for Lula because the vast majority of Brazilians and the vast majority of Congress the vast majority of Power Players in Brasilia condemn the violence condemn the vandalism um so in the short term it will probably give his government a slight boost uh.

You know in a divided country however um in the long run over the coming months as more and more information becomes available we could see cracks starting to appear and appear in his government um you know we we know that because of what happened yesterday we know that there is a mass of people in Brazil.

Um we knew this before but we know now definitely that there is a mass of people in Brazil that are prepared to be violent that are prepared to go to the streets uh um for former president Jaya bolsonaro or at least against uh the the Lula government so yeah like this is going to be in the over the coming months a it poses it even more.

Difficulties for Lula to govern and he took over a very divided country right you know it was a very tight election a tightest election in decades um and so going forward this is going to just this is going to be another problem for uh Luisa nasolula de Silva president of Brazil to govern and as you allude the possibility of perhaps more.

Demonstrations Sam really appreciate you giving us the update on this Sam cow is a freelance journalist joining us from Sao Paulo Brazil thank you again thanks very much cheers

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