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Marcos’ state visit to COVID-hit China to push through

Marcos’ state visit to COVID-hit China to push through

The Foreign Affairs Department says the president cannot postpone his State visit to China next week given the two countries important bilateral relations we have received assurances from our Chinese hosts that all arrangements are being made to ensure the safety of the president and his delegation during the visit.

And some and the bubble Arrangement has been agreed for the Philippine delegation to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus any member of the Philippine delegation who will be infected with covid-19 must undergo a strict quarantine which may last up to at least eight days based on the Chinese government’s latest guidelines if the.

Patient tests negative in an rtpcr test on the eighth day that’s the only time he or she can return to the Philippines through a commercial flight the president will leave the country on Tuesday afternoon joining him our first lady Lisa Araneta Marcos and former president Gloria macapagal Arroyo as well as house Speaker Martin romwaldes.

And other cabinet members the entire delegation will be under a bubble setup and won’t be able to roam around Beijing also they won’t be able to meet with a large Filipino Community president Marcos and China’s top leaders will start their meeting on Tuesday with Lee Shan Shu chairman of the standing committee of China’s national people.

Congress counterpart of the Philippine House of Representatives the president will also meet with Premier Lika Chung and president Xi Jinping one of the important issues they will discuss is the continuing tensions in the west Philippine Sea the president has said that the maritime issues do not Define the.

Totality of our bilateral relations with China but nevertheless we acknowledge the he acknowledges the importance of this issue not to our interests and to the Filipino people the two countries will also sign several agreements which include the establishment of a direct hotline between the foreign ministries of the Philippines and China aiming to.

Avoid miscalculations and misunderstandings they will also talk about possible joint oil and gas exploration in the west Philippine Sea top officials from both sides will also sign deals to boost cooperation on trade infrastructure agriculture renewable energy and tourism as the global superpower is set to relax kovit-19.

Protocols by mid-January the chief executive will return to the Philippines on Thursday the DFA however cannot say yet how much investment pledges the country is expecting to secure from this trip Rex remittio CNN Philippines