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Marcos’ departure for 77th United Nations General Assembly in US

Marcos’ departure for 77th United Nations General Assembly in US

Thank you good morning to everyone vice president Sarah duterte Department of Justice secretary remoulia and all the other members of the the cabinet that are here today with us the very distinguished guests um.

And the pasai city loan District representative Antonino G calixto is he around and the our chief of staff Lieutenant General bartolomew Vicente bakaro and now that the major service commanders for everyone’s information the chief of staff is celebrating his birthday today.

PNP Chief rodolfaserin Jr and of course the first lady Lisa aranata Marcos and other distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen um I depart today to participate in the high level week of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Where I will also attend a number of bilateral meetings and business engagements and meet with of course the Filipino community the U.N is where the countries of the world congregate to discuss the most pressing challenges facing our people thus it is important for us to participate in the general assembly and.

To make certain that our voice is heard I’ll be delivering I will be delivering our national statement on the 20th of September in which I will outline our expectations of the United Nations and the work ahead the role our country will play and our contributions to strengthening.

The International System the theme identified for the 77th una is a watershed moment transformative solutions to interlocking challenges which aims to address unprecedented Global Trends such as the covid-19 pandemic climate change escalating conflicts that pose challenges to individual countries and the world.

Community alike taking this into account I will one share the Philippines Vision in people’s Center development highlighting our administration’s trust for economic recovery food security and agricultural productivity reaffirm the country’s commitment to the ideals of the U.N citing its.

Contributions to Peaceful settlement of disputes and of international law and highlighting the importance of the U.N in fostering International dialogue and cooperation thirdly present the crisis facing our world as opportunities for our Nations to take meaningful action rooted and United by a common purpose to promote peace prosperity and.

Sustainable development during this visit I will meet with you and Secretary General Antonio guterres and leaders of long-standing and important partners of the Philippines I will discuss with them opportunities for stronger cooperation in food security agriculture renewable energy and climate change which are among the priorities of.

This Administration I will also participate in business activities to forge more Partnerships to advance our National Economic and sustainable development agenda I will be joined in these meetings by key private sector Representatives who have been and will continue to be our partners in this endeavor.

More more vibrant ppps will allow us to achieve the better normal that we all Aspire for and of course I will be visiting with the Filipino Community there I am told that kababayans as far as from Canada will participate in this Gathering it will be my chance to thank them for their support support affirm their important role in the continuing.

Work of nation building and strengthen our cooperation on matters that rebound the benefit of Filipinos here at home and abroad thank you very much and good morning foreign foreign thank you foreign.

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