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Manchester United, Chelsea roll to comfortable wins | Premier League Update | NBC Sports

Rebecca Lowe, Tim Howard and the 2 Robbies recap strong performances from Chelsea and Manchester United in both clubs’ return from the World Cup break. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Chelsea #ManUnited » Subscribe to NBC Sports: » Watch Live Sports on » Get more Premier League news on NBC Sports: Want more Premier

Manchester United, Chelsea roll to comfortable wins | Premier League Update | NBC Sports

Time now for your Premier League update which we bring to you from Old Trafford everyone has cleared out chats but we are still here Tim Howard Robbie Robbie busto Rebecca we’re going to bring you what happened across this day the second day of as I say the Premier League restarts here at Old Trafford in the end a comfortable victory for Manchester.

United Tim 19 minutes on the clock and the first goal from Marcus Russell will finish yeah and right off the training ground you just see here the pullback virus Erickson Russia comes around the backside and finishes lovely for his fifth goal of the season and marks restaurant again involved in the second one falling over the top once he cuts.

Back settle our play for martial to make it too nil you just watch here really good tackle from casimiro Robbie Musto asked Bruno Fernandez what was he looking for in his position he saw that Oreo couldn’t get either tight to the ball and he wanted to space him behind and rashford does the rest just sets up Marcia really nice and docky.

Should be doing better gets his weight going one way gets a really firm hand on it and should keep that out but United don’t care they’re up two nil and then forced to think they get one back here three eighths it’s a header it’s a goal and the Nintendo lets it stand for the moment.

When VA has a look at it Yates heads it but he’s not the last man to touch it Bali is the last minute touch it just there on his foot and he’s in an offside position VAR does its job gets it right and the goal is ruled out for offside and then you’ll see here Jesse lingard has highlighted.

Just pulls up there with an injury goes down doesn’t look great medical staff has to come on and give him treatment and unfortunately for him on his first return back to Old Trafford after spending 20 plus years as a player here has to go off and gets applauded by the Old Trafford faithful but it was one-way traffic in the second half let’s see.

Here Anthony should score Hennessy comes up with a really good save to keep it at 2-0 and again United just on the ball playing through lines sharing the ball neatly it comes back down to casimiro cheeky little chip over the goalkeeper but Hennessy does a really good job just.

Tipping that over Frank comes on as a 77 minute substitute 10 minutes later gets himself on the score sheet just love here where Captain America does steps in wins the ball has enough about him to find the Pastor Fred loving little left foot pass Hennessy he’s you see there how strong casimiro is in the tackle.

And his passing ability there it’s three no Manchester Center they Cruise easy it’s nothing nothing less than what they deserves at Manchester United and now a point away from the top four we’re gonna bring you the Chelsea Bournemouth highlights in just a second but Joe World joins us Nottingham Forest Captain thank you so much for joining us this.

Evening Tim Howard Robbie L Robbie Master we appreciate your time Joe we just spoke to your manager um about the performance tonight he wasn’t too disappointed he said he’s more frustrated about the way those goals in the first half went in is that sort of the feeling in the dressing room amongst the players yeah correct I think we shot.

Ourselves in the foot um if that goal goes in with Yates in stands I think it’s a totally different game don’t get me wrong it’s tough you know how to do a great side and come to Old Trafford it’s been a long time since Forrest have been here so um yeah backs up against the wall um but I think we’re still in in the.

Game at some some points it’s just those five margins and you get punished uh at places like this yeah what’s your manager about all the new players coming in and as a leader of the group how difficult is it or what are some of the things that you do to Galvanize a group of players who have come from all over who are new to the.

Football club how do you how do you integrate them into that yeah look there’s been a massive overhaul in the summer um and the January transfer Windows around the corner and we’ll see what that brings but I don’t think um it’s too difficult players move all the time in different windows but like.

You say 22 players 23 players it is it’s uh it’s it’s gonna take time for the team to jail um under no illusions that we’re gonna we’re not going to be ripping up trees this season it’s more gel um find Duffy and and stay in the division that’s that’s always been the aim.

Um whether we we get asked that um every single time we stand in front of the camera downstairs the same it’s uh very much solidified the league position and and hopefully been the Premier League this time next season you probably get this question as well all the time but just in terms of on the field like with the changes and the.

Different systems and the different players coming in that’s got to be difficult as well like to get a rhythm or to get you know familiarity with fullbacks and Midfield players it’s that difficult to try and get get over yeah definitely but a lot we’re professional football players were paid to play whatever position whatever formation the.

Manager wants to do is it’s nice to be in a Groove team isn’t it yeah definitely but like you say it’s it is difficult but at the same time Phoenix’s goal goes in you don’t know what can happen on days like this I think we’ve had a bit of a fairy tale run into getting this getting this Division and we’re going to need one to.

To stay in it but we’ve got more than enough Talent more than enough back in from the manager the owner’s been fantastic um I keep saying hopping on with we’re under no Illusions it’s going to be difficult but that’s what we’re here for we enjoy nights like this coming and playing in front of the 75 000 and it’s.

A dream come true to to be in the Premier League a lot of fans have traveled up and down the country for many years and seen us in League one and the championship for God knows how long so to be back is is fantastic but at the same time that goal goes in John knows chance could it be could be a different.

Um different script but wasn’t to be we dust ourselves down and look forward to the Chelsea game at home you talked about the fairy tale of getting into the Premier League I’m just interested if there’s one thing that surprised you about the Premier League that you’ve you’ve come into um.

One thing that hasn’t surprised me is the our support um home and away I mean today you hear them they’re fantastic one thing just the sharpness of the game I think you might all the time it’s cliche you make a mistake in this league you got punished and that happened for the third goal really Dennis gives the ball away.

Bang their end goal I think um if you’re gonna keep clean sheets here and and get results your goal is gonna have to have a world in Wayne to be fair to him made some good saves and kept the score line down but we’ve fought to open for for the third goal and the first goal obviously set piece we shoot ourselves in the foot and and they score and it.

Gives them a leg up so you’ve got to be near on perfect at Old Trafford to Come Away with something and we won’t one other thing that’s different is how many interviews you have to do so we appreciate it thank you so much Captain Joe I really appreciate it thank you joining us live on NBC to America thank you so much to Joe Warren brilliant.

Stuff for getting all of these interviews in it this picture I guess let’s move on though and bring you the high highlights from Stamford Bridge earlier on in the stands Michael B Jordan American actor now minority owner of Bournemouth but it was Chelsea’s day Rob yeah it was Chelsea’s day and they thought they might have a penalty kick.

Early on in the game Christian politic on his fourth Premier League start of the Season Adam Smith grabbed him there but I don’t think there was enough contact to give the penalty kick it’s very hard to look at and said to play on but they did get the goal courtesy of some lovely football from back to front two to.

Midfield and Sterling we talked about habits before the game Rebecca’s gotta have that killer touching foot to go well he does on this occasion finds the back of the map Chelsea get himself one nil up I mean they’re mainly two down the right on side of the pitch where they were always dangerous lovely interplay between a.

Number of Chelsea players and when the ball finds his way to Mason Mount there’s plenty of bodies between him and the goal but he does a good job of just bending it through the Defenders away from the goalkeeper fight tobacco and then that chance to find themselves up two nil and in a really comfortable position just before half time.

Performance foot was built they had a chance for a penalty claim here giago Silva plays a ball across she’s doing boxing little dangerous but then belly filling goes down under contact and we’ll see this a little bit closer here there’s the challenge looks like a rider on I’m gonna be building the reference he’s got a good view of it he didn’t see.

Nothing in the challenge and so born with a little disappointed to not get the pound to the kick one big disappointment for Chelsea Reese James goes down now we know he’s been out with it with a knee injury before did wasn’t able to go to the World Cup he comes off it’s disappointed the news from potteries that they’re looking into.

Things they’re going to Chef out that that is but how can he’s not a reoccurrence of that same injury before and later on Kappa came up with a really good sign of Ryan Chrisley to make sure he kept the queen sheet but good win for Chelsea yeah they needed it didn’t they grandpotters men going into the World.

Cup on three straight defeats so this is how it’s looking Arsenal have a seven point gap from Newcastle then it’s Manchester City and Tottenham making up that top four United are a point behind in fifth Liverpool Brighton Chelsea in eighth Fulham and Brentford sitting there nicely in 10th position what about the bottom half we’ve been watching.

Nottingham Forest tonight well they are second bottom but they’re only a point away from safety in fact there is no cotton Drifters there at the moment Southampton are Rock Bottom under Nathan Jones but they’re only two points away from safety as well wolves have jumped up to 18th again just one point from safety with West Ham and Everton.

Hovering as things stand that was your Premier League update hi there I’m Rebecca Lowe Studio host for NBC’s coverage of the Premier League don’t forget to hit subscribe to watch more videos all season long for even more Premier League content from original series to live matches head over to Peacock and be sure to tune in.

For Premier League mornings every weekend on USA Network and on peacock we will see you over there