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‘Made me angry!’ Royal experts react to latest Prince Harry uniform twist

‘Made me angry!’ Royal experts react to latest Prince Harry uniform twist

hello and welcome to palace confidential which this week has been reflecting on the life and death of her majesty the queen it’s been an emotional and very busy week and royal correspondent victoria murphy brings us up to speed on what is happening today and this weekend as the.

Nation mourns so the queen is lying in state in westminster hall obviously thousands of people coming past to see her her children are going to hold a final vigil this evening her four children standing at four corners of her coffin just like they did when she was in st giles cathedral and that’s sort of a final kind of poignant moment of.

Reflection for the four children ahead of the funeral on monday this is the one moment that we’re going to see prince andrew wearing his military uniform that was announced earlier on this week that he would be wearing military uniform for one of the occasions and this is the occasion a final mark of respect is how it was.

Described at the time we knew that the exception was going to be made for him but not for prince harry so there was a bit of discussion and debate around the inconsistency of that neither is working royals but this exception was being made for andrew but now we know that prince harry will also wear military uniform at a vigil on.

Saturday evening which is a vigil of the eight grandchildren and they will in a similar way stand around the queen’s coffin victoria murphy there and joining me on the panel today is author and historian dr tessa dunlop and the daily mails diary editor richard eden of course welcome to you both gonna start with you.

Richard that bit of a surprise that victoria touched upon at the end there this hairy uniform thing is a bit of a saga isn’t it it really is i mean to be honest it’s made me slightly angry that instead of focusing on the funeral and the queen and her legacy we’ve been talking so much about the uniforms well we could not focus on it i guess but.

Here we are well no but you have to because it’s been such a such a talking point it really has you know the latest development is um we heard this through um clearly what was you know harry and megan’s spin doctors their spokesman last night that harry’s going to be allowed to wear um his old army uniform just for 15 minutes while there’s a.

Vigil of the grandchildren next to the coffin on and saturday evening okay so not at the funeral on monday no so there’ll be no change um he and prince andrew his uncle will still be in morning dress for the actual funeral but the reason it’s such a surprise about the change of heart.

Is because harry made a point he actually put out a statement so we discussed it i will be wearing morning dress throughout and i don’t need to wear my uniform um so it’s all very odd do you know what would look incredibly kind of and almost counter cool is if harry was given.

Permission to wear his uniform and didn’t he’s just like i’m going to stand in front of my granny in my morning suit and pay my respects well is that not just taking it to a whole other level of childishness i mean what what is it with these men in their military uniforms whether they’ve earned them or not what does it come on it’s not about the.

Regalia of royalty it’s about rank and hierarchy the resin detroit for our medieval and beyond also but institutional the whole thing is a sideshow this is great britain’s sideshow that’s putting us front and center very expensive sideshow but priceless in terms of soft power and media attention globally so i.

Mean we could argue that as well again detracting from the whole point of mourning the queen but i would suggest that she wouldn’t i don’t want to speak on behalf of our late queen but if you look at what happened during phillips funeral which was right a lot of you in your morning suits stop the debate let’s keep.

It simple you know she was extremely adept at cutting through and knowing where to place the focus and when to shut down a family feud and our and our current king doesn’t have that level of experience and of course it’s very different when you’re disciplining or managing your your brother your sibling that’s a.

Whole different set of challenges which of course the queen didn’t have to well she did with margaret but but didn’t in the same way so do you think do you agree with tessa that king charles has been rather hands-off in this whole sideshow well i think i mean as king he will have to be decisive that’s the key thing and.

The queen was and the funeral of her husband as an example of that i think you have to take a position and stick to it so viewers regular viewers of this program will know that i thought it was right that harry and andrew weren’t allowed to wear uniforms because they’re not working royals but it was wrong that they made the exception for prince.

Andrew at the event we’re going to see this evening where he stands vigil with his siblings but in the case of andrew it was justified they said the palace said because his three siblings would also be wearing uniform but what’s strange is that on saturday evening of the eight.

Grandchildren of the queen it’s only william and harry that can wear a military uniform well i remain deeply confused so we have a law in this country once you leave the military you can’t wear your uniform every day is a school day for this aussie yeah yeah if you want to you have to get special permission and that has to come from.

From the top from the mono but ultimately in terms of people commenting and i’ve done quite a lot of broadcast and a lot of it’s been live and people do pounce on the harry nag and people do pounce on the harry narrative it’s of global interest believe it or not and i think that the optics will be.

Softened because he’s been thrown this bone i know it doesn’t if you crunch into it richard it doesn’t make sense i know that there are deep royal loyalists who believe harry’s been disloyal and doesn’t deserve it but that’s kind of irrelevant when you see the thumping great might of monarchy out.

There on parade at the moment you know this is a little loon a little redheaded lad far from home and we’re saying come back into the fall for 15 minutes my friend is that such a bad thing well certainly it means that he will have those images probably on the front pages on sunday of him back in his uniform um next year.

Don’t you think frankly the whole drama gives him a lot more material when he’s back home giving another interview i i don’t know if you go over the my new shy but certainly the aesthetic is good but can we just pray the precedent has been set but yeah yeah but can we just be honest and the queen by the way had a real weakness for men in uniform as do i.

I mean look at william he’s sort of ten foot tall out there in his honorific uniform he’s got stature he’s no longer bald he’s am i allowed to say he’s almost sexy you know where’s poor little harry you know in his morning suit is it’s a drab affair in comparison it does give them extra inches.

These for men who can’t wear makeup they can’t dye their hair they you know i i i have a degree of sympathy just just want to sort of like stick up for all the baldies watching we i think you’re marvelous i think you’re handsome just as you are i’d like to move well you know i have to say that for my husband well.

Let’s talk briefly because king charles has so many little minutiae family problems like this on his plate including this whole issue of giving titles to the children of harry and megan now i’m really confused are they going to be prince and princess or are they not does any does anyone know so um in order to be um prince and princess um.

Archie and lilly bett and to be hrhs they need um letters patent to be issued a special sort of decree by the monarch oh god i’m bored already and from sorry they don’t get it automatically it needs to be done yeah and from what we understand my colleague rebecca english was reporting and this week that it.

Won’t happen till after the funeral after a period of royal mourning and what certainly what rebecca thinks is that they will be prince and princess but um they won’t get hrhs and that seems to be a real sticking point i love all the complications.

The reason why it’s so important is that um the queen issued special letters peyton so that princess charlotte um was an hrh as well as prince louis and they wouldn’t normally have got that it would have been prince george and you know okay so where did uh beatrice and eugenie fall in that situation this is this is.

The interesting thing that’s a fascinating question because letters patent were issued for them too they got it so harry megan’s point was why not archery but the wessex children don’t have it louise and james edwards children and likewise anne’s children zara and peter yeah and that’s i think the point that i was trying to make at.

The very beginning about it’s a shame that harry feels he needs that uniform because it’s about a confidence you know zara has this extraordinary confidence she’s a she’s a an olympian she’s got her own life she doesn’t need all the trappings she’s out there on the right but also with the prince and princess conversation i’m confused about whether.

Or not the sussexes are upset that archie’s been banned allegedly because there are concerns over the color of your skin or was it that when they were born they said they were issuing those titles for a quieter life well let’s let’s be clear here in um the infamous oprah winfrey interview megan.

Talked about how she’d heard rumors i think while she was pregnant with archie that he wouldn’t get these titles that they were expecting and that was a real source of grievance so much that she discussed it on national television so you know while these matters might seem rather arcane or whatever certainly to harry and megan.

They’re a big deal i think the problem was they just hadn’t had the richard eden lecture on actually what these titles mean i know and had been enlightened by richard all this oprah who would have blown over just interestingly on the hrh thing of course late princess diana retained her.

Princess title but had to give back her hrh title in the wake of the divorce do you remember so actually hrh is something you earn and can be got rid of but princess or prince it doesn’t really matter what you do please note that andrew is still a prince that may catch in the throats of some.

But quite a quite a quote to be taken out of context there what a prince what a prince all right let’s move on which is under prince in uniform oh there’s something stop it uniforms calm down uh richard there’s more stories in the paper today about anne and sophie wessex and who seem to be destined to take on.

At least some of the queen’s patronages yeah these were stories that um really cheered me particularly the one that was speculating that sophie the countess of wessex is going to be given or inherits a lot of the patronages charity patronages um from the queen i mean there are so many available at the moment because the ones.

From prince philip haven’t been largely haven’t been distributed either so she would deserve it i think she’d be fantastic um and the more roles she’s given the better as far as i’m concerned anyway in our final montage dedicated to the queen’s life this week today we’ve gathered some striking pictures of her.

Majesty in her role as head of the armed forces okay so after seeing those pictures i don’t want to start the military argument again but it obviously it will play an important part the military in.

Monday’s proceedings of course you know our monarch is head of the armed forces and that’s as always been a crucial thing and that plays into the you know the argument we were having about military uniforms yeah and we will see an amazing display of pageantry on monday i’m sure and they’ve been busy rehearsing through the night.

And it really is going to be a spectacle but of course it will be a more modern state funeral than we’ve probably seen before yeah what’s really interesting about this is everyone goes oh this is historic you know we do this better than anyone else in the world and there’s sort of platitudes almost become meaningless first of all we don’t.

Actually do sort of thing any better than any honest in the world the difference is we do it apolitically look at the extraordinary russian displays of might every may look at north korea and the staging of their military spectacles but we do it through an institution that has no political power and the history of it if.

I can just give you a one second lecture on it is that at the turn of the 20th century you’ve got the kaiser and the german empire you’ve got russia and the tsars you’ve got britain you’ve got the refunding of backpal you’ve got the erection of the victoria statue and you’ve got us putting on these spectacular jubilee.

Displays in the latter period of victoria’s reign and then on into edward the seventh reign and it’s about muscling up against a crowded european scene what happens the kaiser the tsar they overplay their hand they have power they get it wrong they lose the war they die they collapse those dynasties don’t survive ours does and what happens is.

That the british royal family trade their power for popularity and they they brand that popularity in this pomp and pageantry and it’s really really worked in the era of mass media it’s like a kind of perfect storm all the family have to do is hold it together on the inside.

Easy yeah oh my gosh speaking of the wider family the new prince and princess of wales richard they’re back on the front pages today and it seems that their part is really in connecting emotively with mourners they are and we really saw that at.

Sandringham yesterday where they went up to see all the the flowers and the the messages that have been left and obviously when he was um william did very well talking to members of the public and he spoke about what a big deal it had been with him alongside harry um you know following the queen’s coffin.

And all the memories that had brought back from when he was 15 years old and he did the same thing at diana’s funeral so i think everyone understood that and he was just talking about that experience that’s dominated his life in many ways i think he’s a dear old stick isn’t he william really and he developed no i know but he.

Seems quite sort of woodsy and old but he seems quite old for his years i think both of them do i mean they’ve got a lot on their shoulders don’t they but but what’s fascinating is he does have that sort of softness of diana the way i heard him you know chat to a woman she was showing him a little baby and i think the baby was in a paddington.

Costume and william just said this really sweet one line i don’t know i think paddington bears overtaken the corgis it was just deeply touching and it really reminded me of his mother actually they do both those boys have a certain charismatic empathy that had otherwise i think been a little bit lacking yeah did you beat him.

What kind of an heir to the throne do you think he will be in the years to come i think you’ll see him be increasingly supportive and protective of his father i think that’s the one thing this week that we’ve all kind of pushed to the side of paul charles is tired poor charles is properly old when i look at my own.

Mother she she couldn’t be carrying the head of state role and i always thought she was quite good for her age it reminds me of victoria queen victoria’s son bertie he became king aged 59 obviously 59 then was much older than it is now and he said i would have liked it 20 years ago and i think for charles.

This is a huge amount to take on age nearly 74. it’s and physically the grueling schedule today’s in wales king charles is is younger than the leader of the free world joe biden yeah but but biden is like a racehorse he’s never got off the track he’s in the political system he’s a campaigning man he’s been out there championing it the bit charles.

Has had this much more challenging deferential role in the shadow of his mother i don’t think you can compare the two one is a way of life and the other is a birthright a birthright he’s been waiting for for 74 years amazing that was a lot that was really interesting thank you that is all we.

Have time for today though on the show my thanks to dr tessa dunlop victoria murphy richard eden and of course to you for watching we’ll be back on monday with another special episode of palace confidential following her majesty the queen’s funeral we will see you then you

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