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Mac Jones defends his low hit on Bengals cornerback Eli Apple

Patriots’ quarterback Mac Jones joins Christian Arcand and Mark Dondero to discuss Saturday’s loss to the Bengals, his dirty play on Eli Apple, and his relationship with Kendrick Bourne. #macjones #patriots #billbelichick Don’t forget to subscribe! 📡 LISTEN LIVE ➡️ 📺WATCH LIVE ➡️ 💻WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH ➡️ Download the Audacy

Mac Jones defends his low hit on Bengals cornerback Eli Apple

Mac Jones here on the once again the harbor one hotline Mac how you doing good how are you guys doing fine uh Merry Christmas to you too man Christmas Mac um after the game Mac you said you were proud of your guys for fighting getting back into that game uh what went into that comeback and what adjustments did you guys make after that really.

Tough first half yeah I think I’m obviously disappointed with the start of the game in the first half but definitely fought hard and offensive line did a great job skill guys running backs tied in so definitely did a good job there wanted a different result but at the end of the day we were in a position to win and we just got to.

Capitalize on that part so definitely a learning experience as always but tough way to lose but we gotta turn the page and get ready to keep fighting Mac before we get back into the game I just got to ask obviously you know Christmas eve afternoon after the game a tough emotional NFL game heartbreaking loss how do you go from that to a few hours.

Later I don’t know trying to enjoy Christmas Eve and having a conversation with your wife’s Aunt Maureen yeah I think um obviously the game is the game right and regardless of if you win or lose you just want to kind of have that 24-hour rule but you know with Christmas and stuff you want to just enjoy the family and try not to think.

About it and that’s all you can do because you want to enjoy your family um while they’re here and all that stuff I know it’s hard to do after a loss but um definitely got a chance to do that and then you know as the holidays are coming to an end here we just continue on and play play our game and learn from the game and practice and do all the.

Things we normally do on a normal week so I’m kind of just getting back into that routine Matt gotta ask you about the uh the incomplete pass that looked like a fumble at the beginning there and you’re hit on Eli Apple I know you’re getting a lot of heat for it uh maybe even some discipline from the League what were you trying to do on that play.

What was it like from your perspective there yeah I think um obviously you know I went down in front of them to kind of get in the way to stop him from slowing down taekwon who obviously could make the tackle there so just kind of went down in front of him and um trying to stop a fast guy from.

Getting to another fast guy so it’s a split second decision and there’s a lot that goes into it um you’re out there trying to compete in the physical game so just trying to help the team win and have all the respect for Eli and the Bengals they played a great game so there’s no hard feelings and definitely no intention to hurt anybody on that.

Play nor do I believe that when I’m playing quarterback that’s what you know I get hit a lot too so we’re all out there playing playing hard and that’s just part of the game did you know the play had been was dead what is that did you know that the play had been whistled down oh no.

Um honestly just was playing the play and saw taekwon running and we were running to get him and at that point you got to play the play play it all the way through because you don’t know what’s happening you know they’re going to review it they’re not going to review it so just had to play it through and try and make the the right play and um slow.

Everything down um MAC coach Belichick was asked why Kendrick Bourne hasn’t played I guess a higher percentage of some of the snaps this season and he answered quote no particular reason so I’m wondering what reason has he given you personally as to why Kendrick Bourne hasn’t been more involved in some of the stats snaps and.

Some of the plays especially when you consider it looks like good things happen when he’s out there yeah I think Kendrick does a great job in KB’s for my close friends and um he comes to work every day positive and I know he wants to improve as a player every week and he’s done that this year I’ve gotten better each week so love.

Kendrick and um obviously when he’s in there I want to get him the ball and let him run with it he’s explosives um he brings great energy to not only practice but the games and the Huddle all that stuff so we have great skill guys a lot of those guys are fighting every every day fighting that practice.

To get better and that’s the best thing that you can do is just work work and then let the game day speak for itself and just a quick follow-up to that I know you mentioned multiple times how close you are with Kendrick has it ever gotten to the point where you have personally gone in and lobbied to Bill Belichick or Matt Patricia to get him on.

The field with you more think you know every game’s different and you want to get your best guys out there and I definitely think Kendrick’s a great play on our team so whatever the game plan is we just try and get the best guys out there and each guy has their plays to be made and as the quarterback just really just focus on.

Myself and try and do the best thing for the team and complete the passage to the open guys and if I gotta hand it off to our really good running backs and do that so it’s kind of a simple game you just got to keep it that way and we got great skill guys so we’re talking with Mac Jones here in the harbor one hotline Mac this is a play.

That I wanted to ask you about it was the second Drive of the game third down I think it was your first pass attempt and it looked like you were trying to throw a screen and that all three wide receivers were blocking so you sort of just threw it to Stevenson’s feet what happened what’d you see on that play was that a miscommunication or was it a fake.

Like what was it yeah just a little bit of a miscommunication um things that we kind of talk through and I want to get fixed but as a quarterback we just got to make sure everyone’s on the same page um and we want to execute all of our plays whether it’s third down Red Zone.

First and second down so obviously didn’t do a good job there um and we got to do better so gotta learn from it you know obviously the comeback was was noteworthy one of the better teams in the league I’m just curious Mac if there was one thing about your current offense’s identity that you could flip on its head and change.

Tomorrow what would that one thing be um I mean I think really just focus on ourselves I think when you look at really good plays we have we we look like a really good offense and then the plays that we’re not doing so good on we don’t look too good so just trying to find the consistency and that comes in practice that comes in the walk-throughs.

Film study you know it’s an individual effort to try and get the collective to work together so everyone’s got to be on the same page and we’re all in it together so we’re we’re in a good spot here we’ve got to keep fighting um really just keep working every day I know you guys are fighting you were fighting through a lot obviously there.

Was the the Bailey zappy chance I would you know that would I think piss you off hearing those chants does rage just fill your body when you hear the zappy chance ring out I think you know the fans are really passionate and I love that about our fan base um they want to win like we want to win.

So um Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and my job is to go out there and you know be Mac and just be a really good player so that’s what I’ve always tried to do in any situation I’m in and um that’s that’s all you can do right just go out there and compete and try and help your team win and put them in a.

Position to win uh Mac you want to remind Dre I know you came into the league together you’re the quarterback leader of the team what do you say to him to sort of not let him get too down for the way these last two games ended or is that even on your radar oh I mean laundry and I talk all the time and I’m once again one of my close.

Buddies and he’s just a competitor he’s never gonna let one thing you know rattle him he’s just going to get up and and keep playing so I have all the respect in the world for him um he’s a fighter he wants to be out there wants to compete loves football is a really just smart football player so really happy to have him next to me and.

Obviously our other backs you know Miss Damian out there but the young guys are doing a great job and we have a great room there so really pleased with all those guys I wanna I just want to ask respectfully Matt to all involved but you know it’s clear that as a quarterback NFL quarterback you only have so much time to prove yourself that.

You’re a guy that you’re a franchise guy and I’m just wondering if you have personally felt any frustration this year that maybe hey the coaching staff hasn’t put you in the best position to succeed I think at the end of the day it just goes back to trying to become a better football player and you want to do that.

Every year whether you’re a pop warner player middle school high school college NFL you just want to become better and I know at times it’s been disappointing this year but we’ve also done a lot of good things and um at this point in the season we have a great opportunity in front of us to work to go out there together and compete and.

Try and win these last two games and really it starts with this week against a really good Miami team have you had any conversations individually Mac with with ownership this year or Robert crash specifically just about how the year’s gone I think you know Mr Croft does a great job he’s very involved in in our.

Organization he cares a lot he’s a great man um has a very good love for football and we all respect him and um obviously those things are personal and he’s just a great owner that’s always around always supporting us doing whatever he can to help us so we all love Mr craft and.

Um you know obviously he’s done a great job building you know a great organization all right Matt before we let you go you guys uh you’re 0-3 against the Dolphins so far what does their defense do well against you how do you plan to attack them on Sunday yeah I think when you look at them they do a lot of similar things to our.

Defense and have similar you know people who have been here whether it’s coaches and players and um they have a great defensive line really solid linebackers really good DBS obviously they’re a little bit beat up back there in the secondary but when you look at them they play man-to-man they play zone they back splits they do.

Everything to disrupt the quarterback can try and stop the run so they got the great players got a great coach over there it obviously come from New England and we just got to be ready to go so it’s a great test and it’s going to come down to you know us executing all right we got to do the quarterback question of the week here for Mac it’s sponsored by.

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Like half your rookie salary anyway uh it’s all good all right uh Mac uh listen thanks so much uh enjoy the holidays and uh thanks for the time Merry Christmas Mack all right see you guys