LULAC offers $10,000 reward for info on Martha’s Vineyard migrant flights

LULAC offers $10,000 reward for info on Martha’s Vineyard migrant flights

We’re putting out advisories to everybody to beware these political predators are out there on the streets hustling them and using them as easy pickings for political propaganda the league of United Latin American citizens also known as lulac doubled the reward money it’s offering for information about a woman they say Lord.

Migrants from San Antonio to board Plains Bound for Martha’s Vineyard last month joining us right now this afternoon is border reports Sandra Sanchez and she’s been following this story Sandra first let’s talk about who this person is and why lulac is getting involved with this ten thousand dollar reward.

Thank you she was a former Army Combat medic counterintelligence agent and the league of United Latin American citizens as you mentioned well they want more information on her whereabouts and how she might be located because they say she is definitely a person of interest with regards to getting the migrants to.

Martha’s Vineyard and did this person do anything illegal Sandra right it’s really important that we say that there have been no charges against her her name is Perla Huerta there are some pictures that are uh floating around and um lulac wants a grand jury.

Investigation they want the justice department to investigate uh and they are getting involved because they say they want to represent the migrants who they say were preyed upon and Sandra we also understand that there are now some lawsuits involved in this case yes a class action lawsuit has been filed against Florida Governor Ron.

DeSantis and some of his administration saying that they lured vulnerable populations um to Martha’s Vineyard and uh so we’ll see where it goes with the courts with that all right Sandra Sanchez thank you so much as always for your time

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