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Luggage pileups at Toronto Pearson airport leave some holiday travellers without bags

Luggage pileups at Toronto Pearson airport leave some holiday travellers without bags

Travelers looking for luggage help is something people here at Pearson Airport desperately need there’s nobody here to even answer questions desperation almost yeah frustrated yeah a little bit just tired it’s 1 million frustrating because I have all of my Christmas presents from my family in the check-in luggage hundreds of bags still unclaimed owners.

Trying to find theirs the backlog from Days of canceled and delayed flights and passenger reconnections problems that began even before last week’s storms I’ve been waiting for my bag for 10 days so this is at Air Canada you’ve got one Air Canada agent up there helping people and there you can see the line there are dozens of people in that queue could it.

Take a week it’s really hard to say I would hope that we’d be able to you know help the airlines to get all these bags back to passengers a broken conveyor at Terminal 3 is now fixed and that’s some good news still broken lines of communication like someone who could explain where someone can find their luggage the airlines are responsible for.

Baggage but Mother Nature is going to take some responsibility in this too unfortunately I know people are probably don’t want to hear that this man and his wife from Alberta are back again to look for their luggage I found one so we got one out of two Eureka Eureka do you speak to him where are you some more good news from his wife she found bag.

Number two over to the escalators it’s a huge relief like we’ve come back here three times been on the phone for two and a half hours it’s just been a mess others aren’t so fortunate it had pretty much like all my clothes as well as Christmas presents and no idea of where it is in the line it’s been ridiculously long to even get any sort of help her.

Mother speaks for many here the airport is under Federal control they have to do something and not just oh shrug their shoulders as the search for luggage continues Sean Shea Global News

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