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‘Lost the plot’: National’s Christopher Luxon slams NZ Govt over cost of living payment | AM

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “‘Lost the plot’: National’s Christopher Luxon slams NZ Govt over cost of living payment | AM” here is their detail.

The National Party the opposition they are fired up this morning over the cost of living payment now here are the details of what the government promised you this is from their Instagram page cost of living payment for 2.1 million people well yesterday the payment started and what did we end up with take a look at this 1.3 million people were.

Paid the cost of living payment on the first day that is roughly 800 000 short so in the house yesterday the national party went on the attack over this and Nicola Willis from the National Party asked Kelvin Davis who was standing in for the Prime Minister how much has been spent so far on this cost of living package take a look how much taxpayer.

Money has the government used to make cost of living payments to people living overseas uh Mr Speaker we're not quite sure the fact of the matter is at this stage uh the factory of the matter is there are 33 new zealanders over there who don't like the cost of living payments they're 1.3 million new zealanders yesterday who.

Received it and they're saying thank you very much to a very considerate and caring government national leader Chris deploxen's with us this morning good morning uh caring and considerate government do you think that Rings true oh I mean the whole thing is an utter shambles and a total total joke Ryan I.

Mean you literally can't make this stuff up it's become the political version of the office I think to be honest uh you know this thing was made up on the fly in response to pressure from us and from the media you've now got people getting it who shouldn't be get it you've got 800 000 people that are eligible that aren't getting it and the government's.

Got no clue about what's happening it was advised not to do it by the ird and the treasury and yet here we are but the biggest problem with the whole thing is they just have total utter disrespect for taxpayers money it's not the government's money it's taxpayers money and they've paid works hard paid the taxes done the right thing and you've.

Got government just spraying it around like they don't care untargeted not targeted like the Prime Minister said investment bankers in London Backpackers in France um yeah it just doesn't make any sense how many yeah yeah how many investment bankers in London and how many Backpackers in France.

Well what we've got is we've just all our MPS are just getting inundated within you know with emails from people overseas saying I'm confused and embarrassed as to why I've got this thing uh then they're told by David Parker to return the money but go on the website and have a look and it's pretty you know damn difficult to actually get.

It back to people yeah they just don't know why they're getting it what's going on it's just just an absolutely made up on the Fly and and away we go again so here's the thing David Parker says this is going to take time people need to file their returns be assessed for their tax for the year before they can get the payment so they just need a bit of time.

To to get this done but what's interesting I think is is that well I mean you know you've got to that's the line they're running clear traffic from The Herald um wrote this last night about the labor party that they emailed their supporters yesterday saying that they had paid the first tranche the 116 to the 2.1 million people who were.

Eligible is that false advertising yeah I saw that too and I thought that was just so insensitive right I mean you've launched a program that's just been a you know rubbish implementation art a joke total shambles and then you make a pitch to your members to raise some fundraising off the back of it uh you know and again the other saying.

Proudly we've delivered it to 2.1 million people uh please now chip in and could you give us ten dollars or more to raise money for the labor party I mean I mean it's I just don't you know it honestly as Keystone Cops time you know we really have a government that has lost the plot and it's not just on this issue it's on education it's on health.

It's on housing it's on crime it's now on the economy yeah they literally cannot get anything done we're not just we have how do you spend more money hire more people get bad outcomes because where we go again we have some questions we have some questions for the government unfortunately the Minister David Parker um was not available for an.

Interview with us on the cost of living this morning and the ird the agency that's tasked with Doling out this payment says we will not be putting anyone up for an interview on the cost of living do you think that's good enough that's not good enough this is taxpayers money and that's why we're saying look.

The auditor general now has to get involved and actually do an inquiry because you know that their role is to make sure that there's good value being spent from taxpayers funds again I just come back to the central point the this government is so disrespectful of taxpayers money they think it's their money it's not someone's waking up this.

Morning watching your show going to work you're working hard paying their taxes and this is what happens for it just gets sprayed around all over the place so you know the government's got a front on it but more importantly you know it's just another rubbish piece of implementation and execution how quickly cannot get anything done how quickly.

Would your tax cuts have gotten people's pockets then well it was a it was using an established system it was all we were saying is look inflations are so immediate sent why don't we and Grant Roberts has raised billions of dollars off the back of inflation GST has gone up income tax is gone how quickly you.

Could do it immediately so so would that happen immediately do it immediately because you just lower the tax take yeah because tax rate and that it comes out of people's wages at a lower rate yeah and that's why we suggested This months ago because it's the cleanest mechanic to give people long-term relief from the cost of living crisis it uses.

The existing system just pumps the rates up by the amount of inflation and people keep that money in their pocket and you sure as hell don't want to give it to these guys to waste like they're wasting

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