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Longtime Trump Oraganization CFO sentenced

It is sentencing day for former Trump organization CFO Alan weiselberg he admitted to evading nearly two million dollars in taxes of unreported income in the form of company provided perks eyewitness news reporter Derek Wallace shows us how much time he could spend Behind Bars and what this means for Donald Trump.

And weisselberg got a much lighter sentence thanks to a plea deal his testimony helped take down the Trump organization but it left Donald Trump untouched at least for now weisselberg pleaded guilty to 15 felony counts in exchange for his testimony against the Trump organization he’ll only serve five months at Rikers and it.

Could be as short as three months with good behavior Trump’s longtime Chief Financial Officer says the scheme to dodge taxes on 1.7 million in perks like cars and apartments and tuition for his grandkids was his idea and his alone a company spokesperson says the former president had no knowledge but prosecutors don’t buy it so why wasn’t.

Trump indicted I follow the facts we’ve been doing that since I got into office and I think you saw the results of focus determined high integrity work by our trial team that investigation started before Alvin Bragg took office and a disagreement over what prosecutors could actually prove led to this public drama the two prosecutors leading the criminal.

Investigation into former president Trump and his family real estate business have resigned but brag tells Eyewitness News the investigation is not over it’s still on your the investigation is still as I said in April on a written statement it is ongoing Trump is not in the clear you know Alan weisselberg in his testimony.

Really tried to walk a fine line he did what he had to do to help convict the Trump organization pursuant to his plea agreement but he was careful to say nothing that could potentially implicate the former president someone he’s known for the better part of 50 years but in the end that may not matter because according to D.A Alvin Bragg Trump is.

Still under criminal investigation sentencing set for this afternoon here at Manhattan Supreme Court at which point weiselberg is expected to immediately be transferred to Rikers Island

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