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Loke urges all airlines to fix fares for festive season

Loke urges all airlines to fix fares for festive season

thank you Japanese that Asia continues to support the government’s initiatives to bring down fast during the festival season despite the operational constraints similar to other airlines world over while they are unable to further.

Increase flight frequencies due to the shortage of aircraft we are proud of their hard work to add special extra fights which sticks all fast to reconnect families especially for those traveling too and from Sabah and sarawaka I encourage other airlines to emulate.

The same initiative or other initiatives which can reduce the effects especially during the 15 seasons and I know to make this a reality is not only about the airlines every stakeholders must come together to play their role to ensure that this kind of initiative can be can be implemented.

First of all of course I applaud and I thank Asia for taking this initiative once again to provide fixed trend for all seats additional flights at midnight for certain destinations especially for Samba and sarawaka as I mentioned that most important of all.

Are for all saba and Sarawak destination because the destination involved uh he has no other Alternatives so hopefully everyone can work towards a better aviation industry in our country and 2023 will be a very challenging year we have to ensure that it is a year of recovery for animation industry