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Loke: AirAsia will offer fixed fares to East M’sia for CNY

Loke: AirAsia will offer fixed fares to East M’sia for CNY

Initiative for sensing season especially Chinese New Year Harris and so on are very important to me personally because as Tony knows this is my election promise to the people of saba and Sarah that if I ever become transport Minister again I would do my best to initiate this initiative together with.

An industry players together with Airlines and I know to make this a reality is not only about the airlines every stakeholders must come together to play their role to ensure that this kind of initiative can be can be implemented first of all of course I applaud and I thank Asia for taking this initiative.

Once again to provide fixed fire for all seats uh additional flights at midnight for certain destinations especially for supper and Sarawak for information at 12 pm today so uh the booking will start at 12 pm and flights will commence all the fixed flexible comments on 18th of January.

18th of January so all destinations 17 to 13th of January all destinations are available as well so more destination from kl to uh also not only from care but also from JB JV to be region.

So this is actual it is a good news for many passengers hoping to go back for Chinese student and as far as this initiative is concerned it’s not really meant for Chinese New Year we are hoping to work with the airlines uh for our area for harigawa all right thank you very much.