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‘Left Australia behind’: Voice to Parliament strategy has been ‘poorly handled’

‘Left Australia behind’: Voice to Parliament strategy has been ‘poorly handled’

Okay now let’s bring in the first of tonight’s two All-Star panels now and I am joined tonight by former labor Senator Graham Richardson and former liberal Senator and Sky News host Amanda stoker now it’s just Amanda histogram here tonight sorry and um I want to start out Amanda just by uh talking to you a bit more.

About the voice and Bill shorten now Bill shorten has taken an aim at opposition leader Peter Dutton after he quite rightly called for more detail on The Voice in an open letter to the Prime Minister we were just speaking about that a moment ago but have a listen to what Bill shorten had to say there’s plenty of detail out there and I.

Think some in the opposition just need to prioritize first Australians rather than their own political goals now Amanda the government is so quick to say that anyone who dares speak a bad word about the voice or even questions it doesn’t care about indigenous people surely that is nonsense I mean what do.

You make of this kind of virtue signaling but also baiting and gaslighting of people on this issue look if for Peter Dutton to ask who’s going to be on it what’s it going to look like how often is it going to meet what’s it going to do to the way that our constitution is interpreted amounts to anything other than just being a.

Responsible adult in the position that he’s in well then people have lost the plot entirely it is his sworn responsibility to work out what this thing is going to do before he provides guidance either to the party room or to the Australian public more generally about how it should be handled and the suggestion that to ask those sensible.

Prudent careful questions about something as important as Australia’s indigenous people their representation and the Constitution that unites us all um you know these things have to be asked and they have to be answered indeed but wondering Graham Richardson now one of the the Great all-time strategists of the labor party I’d love.

To ask you what you think uh your thoughts are on the strategy that labor is running here because it seems to me like they’ve gone really really hard and really really fast and they’re just relying on some sort of momentum of Good Will and you know to heck with anybody who has any questions about it what do you do you think that they’ve gotten in.

A little over their head on this with um their response to people with legitimate questions about this yeah well I think they’ve certainly raced too far way too quickly and I I think they ought to take a deep breath before they take any more steps forward I I think they’ve left Australia behind I think on this question labor are way.

Out in front and the country’s behind saying this and where are you blogs going I think it’s uh it’s been a bit uh it’s been poorly handled uh and uh I think there’s been too much taking for granted that all labor people will just follow the line I haven’t got a question like this a lot of people have their own views I’ve got mine I’m not real keen on.

The Voice I never have been and so uh I find myself in in that sense in a politically difficult position