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Labor’s reform to get industry to turn off emissions is ‘jaw-dropping’

Labor’s reform to get industry to turn off emissions is ‘jaw-dropping’

Joined Now by our second All-Star panel of the night Gemma tognini from GT Communications and of course Nick cater from the Menzies Research Center thank you so much both of you for joining us now I want to talk about energy first because our favorite climate change Minister fecker only Cloud change Minister Chris Bowen has today announced.

Proposed changes to the Safeguard mechanism it sounds boring but is the thing that controls what big emitters are allowed to admit to try and help the country he says reach its climate targets now this proposal would mean that big industrial businesses you know manufacturers refineries things like that would be forced to reduce their.

Emissions by about five percent each and every year 4.9 is the exact number until the end of the decade Nick cater let’s start with you what do you make of this latest plan by the Bowen uh Ministry of the Albanese government to get industry to turn off the emissions it’s jaw-dropping just jaw dropping I.

Mean it is we know you know anybody who’s followed this with any any degree of Interest knows that our Energy System is heading for a car crash and he’s just put his foot right on the accelerator it’s like he wants to meet these targets whatever but of course in the end you could only go as fast as you can go in in terms of reducing emissions and to be.

Honest that’s not very fast not probably not fast enough to satisfy you know the labor and their their more green leaning adherence but you just can’t do it any faster because if you do what happens is the energy system starts to collapse prices go up uh industry gets closes down and that’ll be the result of this by the way you know if you tax these.

Heavy emissions emitters and enough which is what they’re doing you drive them out of business you’re driving to China where they’ll carry on polluting willy-nilly and uh nobody cares indeed and Jim I want to turn to you on this because no country in the world has managed to achieve the scale and speed of emissions reductions that Austria is.

Contemplating and they certainly haven’t been able to achieve this without any sort of form of you know shall we say nuclear energy now today the Daily Telegraph in American nuclear expert said that Australia would be better off instead of paying hundreds of millions of dollars really more like a billion dollars in compensation to Coal.

Producers if they put that towards investment in nuclear energy and making that part of the energy mix at least as a realistic stop Gap general what do you think about that idea well I I think it’s a really powerful example of how ideology ideologically driven this government is in its approach to energy policy and I wrote about that in my.

Weekend column in the Australian and and adding to that and aligned to that is the fact there’s no Market in the world where imposing price caps the nature of which the government is putting on and which is causing this compensation there’s no Market where a price cap either way has worked so you’ve got a government that is driven.

By ideology it completely uninterested in the energy poverty it’s plunging a section of the economy into an obsection of the community into but also as is this commentator rightly says or this expert rightly says if you want to put more or less a billion bucks into something put it into developing a resource that we.

Know is is no emissions is reliable and Chris Bowen has said oh 10 years is too far away I mean how negligent is that well and I mean it seems to be quite crazy because if you look at the numbers fossil fuels are being used at every greater amounts around the world and yet we are inflicting this sort of self-harm this virtuous self terrifying ourselves.

It’s terrifying and and as Nick and you both said you know transition and I say this is a preface everyone who’s sensible wants the cleanest greenest most sustainable energy mix possible with reliable base load that allows industry to flourish and mum and dad and grandma and grandpa to turn the lights on without fear of of being you know.

Bankrupted or plunged into energy poverty people don’t understand that energy poverty in Europe is uh not just a creeping problem it’s a Skyrocket rocketing problem and Australia is heading over that Cliff because you’ve got a government that is is hell-bent ideologically on One path only and not willing to listen uh to you know the.

Importance of other views that can help us get there albeit a little bit slower perhaps indeed and Nick I want to ask you about this energy transition too because you wrote great article saying that you know fossil fuels the rest of the world is still using fossil fuels so what are we doing here talk us through this.

Um and just you know how insane the Australian program at the moment seems to be if fossil fuels of their so-called starting to change the way we did things about 250 years ago are they enabled they gave us all sorts of abilities that we never had as as human beings to to make ourselves safer from the dangers of.

The of the environment in which we live safer from predators keep yourself warm in in Winter cool in summer and all these things have saved lives and our whole economy has grown up around these now to shift to a different source is a massive massive Challenge and I don’t think the government has certainly thought this through and Advocates have.

What it means I mean even if you get 100 renewable energy sector I mean an electrical Network and of course that is just hard enough even if you do that you’ve still got to deal with transport with agriculture how do you feed the world when we rely on phosphates which are produced industrially using a lot of energy I mean nobody’s come up with a.

Way to produce those phosphates yet at every stage it’s a massive Challenge and you have to say if you look at it fair enough we can’t do it by 2050. it’s going to take a lot longer than that if we want to do it and cost a lot of money it is just looking impossible right now and slide aside but absolutely related this is called green and renewable.

Energy what they don’t like to talk about are the swathes of natural habitat in habitat for endangered species Tasmania Northern Queensland that are being thankfully the courts have have blocked these proposals but what these activists because that’s what they are like to talk about is oh it’s renewable the energy we’re plus we’re saving the.

Planet but you’re clearing land to put up fields of solar panels you’re clearing land to put up these god-awful wind farms that shred Birds shred natural inhabitants they are the absolute living breathing epitome of hypocrisy this month