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Labor govt offers opportunity for relationship ‘reset’: Chinese Ambassador to Australia

Labor govt offers opportunity for relationship ‘reset’: Chinese Ambassador to Australia

We’re going to take you live now to Canberra where the Chinese Ambassador XI Chao is speaking to thank our friends from the media uh what I’m going to do today is uh I’ll briefly talk about the past one year of the relationship between China and Australia and secondly I was to uh.

Express my gratitudes to for the cooperation we have we’ve been having over the past one year before the embassy before myself and our media in this country and thirdly briefly I will talk about China a recent situation the Corbett and Etc then I open for the questions and.

Answers I know that some of you have uh interesting issues they like to uh seek My Views and I will try my best to uh to respond to those grand students well the year 2022 was an extraordinary year for the relationship between China and Australia I have a long speech paper but I’m I’m.

Not going to read it I’m just to pick some of the keywords the first keywords is the labor government the last May the elections held at the the federal election it was of course there was a domestic Affair of Australia but when the labor government came to power last May it did offer a opportunity.

For China and Australia to reset the relationship between our two countries which had been going through a different typical period of time over the past couple of years there were a good view from Chinese side from the Australian side there will be communication at various levels through.

Various channels as if the labor government came to power last May a change of messages a change of letters bilateral meeting between the defense ministers by a lot of meeting between the two foreign ministers and of course contacts through development channels at various levels.

Through all these contacts both says sites have reconfirmed or reaffirmed some of the important points that have been guiding the relationship of our two countries for the past several decades I’m not going to call those points as the new consensus they have been the consensus they’ve been there for many.

Decades they’ve been guiding the relationship for several decades but it’s it it’s very important for us to reconfirm that these are still the consensus both sides agree they include for example comprehensive strategic partnership this is how we Define the relationship the include for example both sides are.

Ready to work in strictly constructively to cooperate wherever in the areas where we have common grounds they include the pointer like both sides agree to just differences there we do have differences in certain respects we even have disputes in certain areas like trade disputes but both sides agreed to just these.

Differences in a constructive manner by that I mean we can’t just the differences in a way that will not allow the differences to hijack the overall relationship without two countries not allow them to hijack the cooperation between two countries.

The consensus also include jointly celebrating the 50s amnesty you know that last year was the year where we established our development religions on December 21st 1972 50 years ago of course they also we also have a common uh points where many other areas of regional issues international issues.

Multilateralism ETC so the first key word is the labor government Albert I good opportunity and both sides took the opportunity and reached or reconfirmed some of the consensus a second key word I would like to say is the leaders meeting.

Based on the consensus originally beaten suicide for after a couple of months of communications we had a very successful bilateral meeting between President XI and the Prime Minister Albanese on the sideline of the utility Summit in Bali Indonesia it is positive it was constructive and it was productive it.

Set up the tell for the relationship between two countries it set up the future directions for the future relationship as president she put it in his meeting with president albaneshi this is a relationship important for both sides and both sides should work together.

To improve to uphold and to develop the relationship my understanding is that by Improvement we understand that we have been going through some difficult period of time we need to do something to make.

Up for those issues there are a lot of issues we can compare nodes and see how we can continue to work out