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Kyiv says it’s repelling Russian attacks in the east

This is what’s left of a Marketplace in East Ukraine after it was destroyed by a Russian missile strike a large crater in the middle of the Harkey Village as rescue workers sift through piles and piles of rubble the past few weeks were a bit quieter says this local she didn’t expect something like this to happen again.

Two women were killed and others were wounded including a ten-year-old girl according to officials it comes as Ukraine says its repelling constant attacks in the Eastern donbass region by Russian mercenaries in the Frontline town of seversk servicemen are using the freezing temperatures and snowfall to help track Russian movements.

The current weather conditions mean the enemy won’t conduct any offensive actions they try to hide their movements in the very front lines so we are conducting constant air reconnaissance to fire on them with our artillery in his nightly video address on Sunday president veloda musilenski denounced.

Why he called Russia’s Failure to observe a ceasefire it had declared for Russian Orthodox Christmas Ukraine never agreed to the ceasefire calling it a Russian excuse to reinforce troops both sides accuse the other of continuing hostilities throughout the period as moscow’s invasion of Ukraine grinds.

Towards the one-year Mark Russia’s militaries under pressure at home to deliver Battlefield successes on Sunday it set a missile strike on kramatorsk had killed 600 Ukrainian soldiers but a Reuters reporter found no visible signs of casualties at the scene of the attack billed by Moscow as revenge for a New Year’s attack that.

Killed scores of Russian soldiers

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