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Kosovo shuts main border with Serbia over rising tensions

Kosovo shuts main border with Serbia over rising tensions

Love you usually bustling kosovo’s main Border Crossing into Serbia a ghost town closed officially Wednesday but already rendered unusable after ethnic serbs cluttered Northern Kosovo roads with buses and trucks across the border Serbia’s defense minister visited troops now combat ready.

To defend the near 50 000 ethnic serbs who live in Kosovo once a part of Serbia tensions here go back decades in the late 90s serbs were accused of war crimes against kosovo’s ethnic majority Albanian population Kosovo declared independence in 2008 with Western Support over Fierce Serbian objections that’s something journalist.

Tim Judah says now tensions are alarmingly high just feels kind of very menacing and it feels that you know things could spark out of control if the diplomacy fails Judah just returned from the blockades some of which are being manned by regular townspeople but they’re also kind of men in in masks um who one can assume are armed and.

Ready to go into action if they’re given the order and this is why I think it’s particularly dangerous in November ethnic serbs resigned on Mass from government and police positions in Kosovo further dividing the populations the arrest of a Serbian kosovar police officer also inflamed the situation adding yet another layer of tension the.

Kremlin has now weighed in citing historic and ethnic ties it says Russia is watching closely and through its support behind Serbia as the U.S and the European Union not keen to see this boil over released a joint statement urging both sides to de-escalate for ethnic serbs in Kosovo a sense of being caught in the middle by larger.

Tectonic forces you’re not pro-war he says nobody is we are in a ghetto we live under chains and mocks as this man I think it’d be best if the politicians simmer down unlikely to happen unless they first start talking again Katie Nicholson CBC News London

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