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Kit Siang: Anwar must carry out reforms in early months

Kit Siang: Anwar must carry out reforms in early months

Dap veteran Lim kids young has urged prime minister Anwar Ibrahim to carry out as many institutional reforms as possible in the early months of the new government he said this is as the government may not have a full five-year term in a statement today Lim ersh Anwar to carry out the promise he made after he was appointed the 10th prime minister.

Which was to not compromise on good governance the anti-corruption drive judicial Independence and the welfare of ordinary Malaysians he added that Anwar should be aware that there are political forces that are conspiring to end his Premiership as early as possible Lim said that former Premier mahathir Mohammad had missed the historic.

Opportunity to make Malaysia great again and this is a mistake that Anwar should not repeat he also called on Anwar to use transparency International’s corruption perception index as a benchmark he said it is too late for anwar’s government to do anything to improve Malaysia’s CPI 2022 ranking but they can still ensure that Malaysia’s TI.

CPI reports in 2023 is the best for Malaysia Lim added that the Malaysian anti-corruption commission as well as all interested Malaysian ngos and ngis should be invited within a month to submit proposals for a Malaysian National anti-corruption plan to Place Malaysia among the top 30 countries in the world in public Integrity he said.

Such a plan will be a great start for anwar’s government and should be launched during the February 2023 parliamentary session