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#KiniNews: Anwar ready to contest in seats held by traitors, doesn’t rule out Gombak

#KiniNews: Anwar ready to contest in seats held by traitors, doesn’t rule out Gombak

Foreign has not specified which seat he would contest in GE 15 however the opposition leader said he was ready to contest in seats held by Traders to PKR and harapan opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has declared that he was ready to contest for a parliamentary seat held by a.

Trader of PKR and pakatan harapan in the 15 general elections although he did not specify which seat he would be contesting he said the seats must have an added Advantage for the party and Coalition the PKR president said that he would certainly consider a seat held by a Trader for example if the party wanted him to contest for the Parliamentary.

Seat in gomba then he will contest it he said this during a program with journalists organized by the club in Kuala Lumpur and slangor yesterday some of the MPS who had deserted PKR and joined versatile were as mean Ali zurida kamarudin saifudin Abdullah Rashid Hassan santara Kumar Ali Biju and Willie mongin during the event Anwar also.

Denied that he was afraid of Defending his current seats in Fort Dixon she said the sentiment and support of Voters in poor Dixon were much stronger than when he was contesting there in the by-election in October 2018. d.a.p chairperson Lim Guan Eng has called on pass to stop viewing non-muslims in the country as political opponents dap.

Chairperson Lim gunning has reminded pass that non-muslims in the country are Malaysian citizens and are not political opponents he said non-muslims should not be downgraded but instead embraced in an inclusive Nature by any responsible political party that seeks to unite the nation Lim said this in response to past spiritual leader Hashem Justin’s.

Statement to malaysikini on Tuesday that the party’s efforts to unite the Uma are not exclusive to Malay Muslim groups such as amno and brasato only Hashim had said that any party regardless of religion that agrees with the Uma Unity agenda can approach past for negotiations according to Lim by saying that pass is willing to negotiate with.

Non-muslims who must first agree with prioritizing the Uma Unity agenda pass appears to be making them out as political enemies Lynn added that hashem’s statement was consistent with the open hostility and contemption by past president Abdullah outline towards the rights and dignity of non-muslims he said these include blaming non-muslims.

For being the root of all corruption accusing non-muslims of threatening the political power of the malays and interfering in non-muslim cultural events such as wanting to ban concerts Oktoberfest and bonadori among others while we’re on the topic of past the party’s Deputy president has insisted that pass will work with both.

For the sake of the unity of the ummah past Deputy president to an Ibrahim to unmann believes that there shouldn’t be an ultimate term for his party to choose between parikata National or amno in the 15th general election he said what was important is that they had to unite as this would be better for the country’s future Tuan Ibrahim insisted that pass.

Will work with both versatu and amnon for the sake of the unity of the ummah adding that there is still time to unite the two parties to face GE 15. this came after muhidin who is PN chairperson said pass would soon have a cut-off date to decide its future in PN and whether to continue pursuing cooperation with amno muhidin had.

Previously made amno lebi and his coalition’s main enemy for the next general election contradicting persistence on the matter pass which is part of the PN Coalition has argued that having all three Malay Muslim parties united would be the basis of a strong and stable government however it seems like past might choose.

A side after all past spiritual leader Hashim jasin was reported to have said that his party may make a final decision on the matter by next week a final decision on whether pass will side with amno or brasato may come next week this is according to past spiritual leader Hashim jasin according to free Malaysia Today Hashim said that past.

President Abdul Hadi awang has already met with amno and brasato Chiefs and passes now deliberating the matter fmt quoted him as saying that they will meet to decide on whether to continue with more fakat National or not Hashim added that past hopes that the Malay Muslim parties will unite he hoped for a positive outcome and said that their.

Main goal is to have a united front against pakatan harapan previously brasato Chief mohidin Yasin said that he expected pass to decide soon on the party’s Direction in PN and whether they will pursue anything with amno or not she added that they will make a decision and perhaps State a cut-off date after which they will have nothing to do with.

Amno mohidin who is also the PN chairperson made Amna ledbien his coalition’s main enemy for the next general election contradicting persist stance on the matter pass had argued that having all three Malay Muslim parties united would be the basis of a strong and stable government Muslim believes that the public will not.

Forget how they suffered under both the pakatan harapan and purikata National governments Amna Secretary General Ahmad Muslim believes that the public will not forget the suffering they experienced under the Harappan and pre-kartan National governments for Harappan Ahmad said the raqat will not forget he promises they.

Fail to fulfill after the 14th general election he told Amna online that out of the ten things they promised to do in their first 100 days of rule they probably kept one or two promises he said if you were to check the Harappan Manifesto there were many things that were left as just Harappan or hope meanwhile for the national government.

Ahmad said the people would not forget how they were confined to their homes for a long time in our state of emergency was declared just so the Coalition could stay in power the emergency of the government imposed on the pretext of guarding people during the pandemic was actually a political emergency to enable them to stay in.

Power according to Ahmad the government needs to be strengthened without other parties especially barsatu for the sake of the iraqiat and the country he set for the 15th general election Abner hope to become a really strong government that can attract other parties for a stable Malaysia.

He said this is not for anyone’s political interests but for the good of the Rockyard and the country the prosecution in luqman nor Adam’s contempt case has called for the court to impose a higher punishment against him to protect public interest the court of appeal heard today that a one-month jail term imposed by the Kuala Lumpur.

High court against lokman nor Adam for contempt is insufficient and should be increased Deputy public prosecutor muhammadusuki mukta told the court that this should be done to safeguard the Dignity of the administration of justice he said the prosecution is seeking at least three months imprisonment for the former Amna Supreme council member to.

Show the seriousness of the offense the hearing today was in relation to the prosecution’s appeal against the Court’s decision on July 15 last year to impose a one-month jail sentence against lukman for contempt of court the courts had found lukman guilty of contempt of court for intimidating a witness in former Premier najib Abdul razak’s 2.28 billion.

Ringgit corruption trial the alleged threat was against najib’s former special officer amhari efendi nazarudin who is the eighth prosecution witness in the ongoing 1mdb graph trial meanwhile lokman’s lead counsel Muhammad Shafi Abdullah countered that his client was only practicing his public duty when he lost a police report against amhari.

According to bernama Shafi said lukman had lodged the report after amhari efendi admitted to have received money from fugitive business person Jolo and questioned how it could be intimidation after hearing oral arguments from both the prosecution and lookman’s legal team the court of appeal reserved judgment and fixed October 3rd for case.

Management to set a decision date I’m now president Ahmad zahid hamidi has urged Putrajaya to declassify the reports by a special task force which probe claims made in the book written by former Attorney General Tommy Thomas I’m no president Ahmad zahid hamidi has called on the cabinet to make public a report by a special task force which.

Probe claims made in the Memoir by former Attorney General Tommy Thomas in a statement today zahid said the report was important because it could potentially shed light on selective prosecution during the pakatan harapan administration zahid also hoped that rumors of the current attorney general recommending that the report not be made.

Public is not true she said the layers will only sow doubts and the report should be made public soon without hiding any of the facts zahid expressed concern on the issue as some of the present cabinet members were former cabinet members during the pakatan harapan administration she said some cabinet members had worked.

Together with Thomas for 22 months and this raises the suspicion that they would want some things to remain secret Thomas had published his book titled my story Justice in the wilderness last year the book covered his stint as the Attorney General from 2018 to 2020 among others he addressed the appointment of Judges alleged.

Interference by the executive in the Judiciary and claims of selective prosecution last December the cabinet set up a task force to probe the claims and the task force is said to have completed its reports last month it was reported that they would present their findings to the cabinet tomorrow and that is all from me today for more.

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