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King tide: Elderly man rescued as waves batter his house in KK

King tide: Elderly man rescued as waves batter his house in KK

Enabling elderly man was rescued as his wooden still house in kampung tanjung arubaru in kotaginabalu was padded by strong waves during the king type phenomenon early Tuesday Civil Defense Force APM Personnel helps 70 year old John kaiki who lives alone after they were told that his house was badly damaged by the high tide at around.

1am APM operations Chief safarudin Lucin said Chong’s house was one of three in the area to be badly damaged during the latest high tide phenomenon he added that Chong who suffered from a medical condition that limited his Mobility was sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after his family members could not.

Immediately come to help safarudin said 12 other residents in the area were evacuated as their houses were also damaged on December 22nd two houses collapsed and nine others were damaged at the village where some 270 people were affected Coastal villages in Kota Kinabalu were among several districts in.

Sabah affected by the king type phenomenon although the number of people seeking shelter had dropped to 1589 victims on Tuesday from 1647 the day before over 110 wooden stood houses along the coast have collapsed in Sabah with many more damaged by the high tide phenomenon coupled with strong waves and bad.

Weather hit at the end of last week