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King Charles III’s controversial history with Wales

King Charles III’s controversial history with Wales

it was for the queen her last visit to wales the opening of the sixth session of the senate last year in a welsh parliament so symbolic of national identity she was joined by an english-born prince now king his story is woven into that of modern whales perhaps like no other royal by.

Virtue of a dynastic title his mother gave him when he was nine that title was the prince of wales and as charles is now king and it seems like this in cardiff he’s rapidly conferred the title now to his son william it’s been welcomed by many but certainly not all in wales the debate the backlash even has already started and the king of.

All people knows just how divisive this issue can be it was 1958 when charles then at prep school was declared prince of wales announced at the end of the empire and commonwealth games in cardiff i intend to create my son charles prince of wales today what do you think of the news about.

Prince charles he made prince of wales well i think it’s really wonderful very pleased to hear that prince charles has been made prince of wales at such a wonderful time we’re very pleased and proud that we got the prince of west because we haven’t had them for a long time the queen presents her son to the people.

The 21st prince of wales charles was 20 when formerly presented as prince of wales at his investiture in carnarvon um it for me it’s a way of officially dedicating one’s life or part of one’s life to wales and the welsh people after all wanted it but a significant number didn’t as a.

Student learning welsh at aberystwyth university earlier that year he made his maiden public speech partly in welsh at a youth festival the folk singer david yuan was one of.

Those who walked out in protest we were doing making a political statement which was difficult to explain to some people but we knew we had to do it most people in wales do have a feeling for the royal family i i can’t deny that but we we felt that the whole circus.

Surrounding the investiture was an attempt to quash the growth of national feeling in wales a gentle lampooning of the prince and soundtrack to the anti-investiture movement caused outrage at the time.

The 1950s and the 1960s had seen an increasing debate around welsh identity in many ways people felt that welsh culture welsh nationality was under threat by the modern world the number of welsh speakers was falling the number of people who went to chapel a really important symbol of welshness was falling as well so there was a.

Defensiveness in welsh culture people struck back against that and in many ways the investiture becomes a focal point for all of these things the security grip on carnarvon is now absolute against a backdrop of a long-running bombing campaign by militants in wales two died when their device exploded prematurely hours before.

The ceremony the event itself with dramatic billing passed off peacefully i charles prince of wales to become your liege man of life and limb to a backdrop of street parties i was up to two o’clock this morning.

Blowing under balloon sir i mean look at me i was 20 stone yesterday but if it was meant as the times newspaper then noted as a sop to pacify the nationalist stirrings of wales it failed and this is how the then prince reflected on this controversial chapter in his life and i think if i’ve learned anything.

Uh during the last eight weeks it’s been about whales in particular and its problems and what these people feel about whales um you see i think they feel so strongly about whales as a notion and and it means something to them and they’re they’re depressed by you know.

What might happen to it if they don’t try and preserve the language and the culture which is very unique and special to wales and if something is unique and specialized it’s well worth preserving in subsequent years the failure of his marriage to the late diana princess of wales divided opinion in a different.

Context the queen prince philip and prince charles came to give the royal seal of approval to the new welsh assembly but in time with the royal family embedded in the architecture of welsh devolution the voices of protests have appeared quieter the king’s ties to wales now include a.

Home in camardensia where recently he met david yuan for the first time protester and prince 50 years on do you think his experiences in wales will in any way shape his reign as king well i mean let’s look at it like this i’m not a royalist i’m i i say i of course i i prefer a republic with an elected president.

But if if we are to have a king um uh it’s better to have a king who is aware of the history and tradition of traditions of wales and the welsh language than somebody who who hasn’t or is antipathetic.

Yet divisions surface once again as william and kate with barely a pause for breath are declared the new prince and princess of wales they had their first home together in wales have pledged to serve with humility but already a petition calling to end the title has more than 25 000.

Signatures the last native prince of wales it states was killed by the english in the middle ages in trioki where the now king visited this summer we asked for views on the subject we are a united kingdom i like the idea that our royal family has got one foot very firmly in wales we don’t need a.

Prince of wheels i don’t think we need a prince of wales i think we need independence now we don’t need an englishman as our prince some people think it’s time to end the process of a british monarch appointing a prince of wales no i think it’s it’s british tradition i i’m.

I’m a firm royalist and i believe carrying on his traditions in time there’s a debate to be had say some welsh politicians about this so too what style a new investiture might take a repeat of the last says this historian would be a mistake yes some people will be very happy some.

People use it as an opportunity of celebrating welshness but it will also create a backlash it will become a focal point for debate for discussion around wales disposition with the united kingdom and the stakes are so much higher now than they were in the 1960s we’re not talking about whether wales should have a parliament anymore we’re.

Talking about whether wales should be an independent nation tomorrow that shy reflective student once proclaimed wales’s prince returns as king thousands are expected to line these streets to welcome him others bearing a different message too

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