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King Charles and siblings hold vigil by the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall | ITV News

King Charles and siblings hold vigil by the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall | ITV News

Thank you however great the office however find the robes the pain of loss has no respect for position and yet despite that pain there must be respect respect for those who carried such.

Office before the Striking of the stick on the stone floor Harold did a change in the guard and so as King Charles III led the honors to the queen as her son he led the honors to his mother on his face.

An indication of which of those roles Bears the greatest weight now in the uniform of the royal Navy he stood at the head of the coffin at the foot allowed only for this Soul vigil the Duke of York in the uniform of a vice admiral of the royal Navy Princess Anne the Princess Royal spent.

The last hours of her mother’s life with her she is the first woman to be part of the vigil of the princes what a proud yet heartbreaking place in history she now holds the Duke of Wessex the youngest of the royal siblings stood guard to the left of his mother.

From above his wife the Countess of Wessex the queen consort and other family members watched on there is great theater to Royal death but for all the color and the pageantry this is at heart a family gathered in grief foreign.

For a little over 10 minutes the family stood guard until the double tap from the officer of the watch signaled the end of their vigil for those who had queued night and day this was a moment of History they could not have imagined being part of in silence they watched on in respect and contemplation.

For these moments they were in the presence of two majesties family were there and it was really amazing to to you know to see how and sympathized with them you know I I you feel for them you reflect on what had happened to you as well.

And then you can put yourself in the opposition see how they’re feeling and I couldn’t I could hardly look up and look at them because I wanted to control my tears film was undescribable I haven’t stood in the queue for so long and have a perfect moment.

To pay my own homage to the queen but also to the family that I was there my new king as well was just spectacular a day that ended with ceremony in London began with ceremony in Wales 53 years Charles was Prince of this nation noted in history as the longest serving.

Prince of Wales today he returned as king the Army Navy and Royal Air Force marking the arrival of King Charles III to Welch land along the street Kingdom flags of the union and flags of the nation were raised in welcome for the king and his Queen consort.

in this country that is held in such affection throughout his life hundreds turned out to return that sentiment but whilst there was celebration of the king this was a moment to Mark the passing of a queen.

The Queen’s wedding ring was made of Welch gold and she said it was a reminder of Wales wherever she went today Wales remembered her in prayer and affection dear friends we have come together this morning to give thanks to God for the life of.

Queen Elizabeth II here in Wales We join with the whole United Kingdom the Commonwealth and with people across the world to grieve her passing we remember her service and dedication this was truly a life of Grace and wisdom.

Foreign this was a day of ceremony but it was also a day for subjects of the realm to meet their king and queen for some the detail of protocol was lost in the excitement of the moment chance to look forward as well as back you’ll be a wonderful King this well-wisher told the new monarch.

And then it was from church to state for the official motion of condolence from the Welsh government in the Senate building opened by the queen in 2006. today there is a sense of transition in Wales this morning we came together in a.

Service of reflection Atlanta Cathedral to look back over a rain unrivaled in its length and its reach from the King a thank you in English and the Welsh he learned studying in Wales brief Winnie dog a Lodi or sineath Dior or gallon um.

I am deeply grateful for the addresses of condolence which So movingly Paid tribute to our late Sovereign my beloved mother the queen and it was to that beloved mother the prince returned to do his duty as king and son to honor a monarch and a mother in her final days of majesty.

Emma Murphy news at 10.

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