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Kevin McCarthy should call on Rep.-elect George Santos to resign, says former Sen. Judd Gregg

Look it’s not uh new to hear that a politician has been bolstering their resume but I think the the the examples in this case are more extreme than you generally hear especially from somebody who is just getting elected and going into it what do you think about the situation well I think it’s an opportunity for Mr.

McCarthy Congressman McCarthy to show some leadership and I think there’s one thing that this nation needs right now it’s some leaders people who uh at least in the Republican Party stand up for fiscal responsibility stand up for strong ethics and have a good moral compass and so I think Mr McCarthy should call the gentleman in and say.

Listen time to resign time to move on uh and it would give definition to his leadership as speaker and I think it would give the American people a feeling well finally we got somebody who’s going to be running a major element of our government who has a strong moral compass and hopefully will be fiscally responsible do you think that’s likely.

We haven’t heard much from him yet doesn’t appear it is uh you know that the margin is obviously small and I’m sure they’re worried about that but how you become speaker I think is more important uh and if you become speaker by tolerating this type of ethical lapse this type of moral lapse uh you’re not going to be a very good speaker you’re.

Not going to give the country the type of leadership it needs so I I think he takes the risk myself it would be a profile of Courage it’s a risk yes but it’s a risk worth taking if he wants to Define his leadership in a way that will resonate with the American people and that the American people are thirsting for we really don’t have any leaders now.

I mean any Kissinger even said that he’s been around for a long time and knows a lot of things yeah Heidi um Tulsi gabbard took him apart the Santos Congressman Alex Santos in a Fox news interview that she did I mean she pointed out before she started that these sort of resume brandishing things are not unique to Santos they’re not.

Unique to anybody she talked about some brandishing that’s been done some lies that have been told from Democrats that are out there too but this is incredibly extreme this guy claiming that he has Jewish Heritage and now saying oh I met Jewish you know with a hyphen between them on some of these things it was kind of crazy cried a crazy watching this and.

I guess it is surprising to not see more backlash to it just yet you know what’s amazing is that the Democratic party wasn’t able to get any traction Democratic party knew that this was true and that he was embellishing his resume at least had some questions to be answered but probably the most significant part isn’t lying about.

Whether you work for Goldman Sachs or Citibank is where did the seven hundred thousand dollars come from and I think that’s a question that I I could not agree with the governor more this is a pivotal moment for the GOP house leadership how they respond is going to Define that speakership and Define that leadership here’s a chance to move away.

From chaos corruption and say we will not abide by this in our caucus you know if they don’t do that I I will tell you they will continue to be be defined in in their leadership by chaos by corruption by by an inability to control their own members even though their members do horrific things but you know what it’s this is not just the.

Republicans I think the reason the Democrats weren’t able to get any traction is because they’ve got enough of a pox on their own house this is a situation where people say yeah politicians lie we’re kind of used to it because we’ve gotten it from both sides for so long and it’s ridiculous if there’s really going to be a cleanup.

Don’t you think everybody needs to take a close look at their house and say hold on a second we need to call out anybody who’s been lying about stuff oh I absolutely agree Becky Becky but that this has stepped over a line from embellishment on whether you were a top in your class I mean Herschel Walker was another great example of a.

Resume that just was not true but yet it was exposed in the media and people had a chance to judge whether that was a defining or a disqualifying factor and so to me if there is consequences for this young man then that will send a message to every candidate coming into the next election that you better be careful with your resume because there’s.

Going to be consequences if there are consequences we have a continuation of the Herschel Walker Donald Trump um you know Santos kind of everything goes I can say whatever I want and it doesn’t matter as long as I have the right initial behind my name

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