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Kevin McCarthy elected Republican US House speaker after 15 rounds | ABC News

Kevin McCarthy elected Republican US House speaker after 15 rounds | ABC News

Now to our breaking news the U.S House of Representatives has finally elected a news Speaker ending days of Chaos in the capital Republican Kevin McCarthy had been working to secure support from members of his own party and in the 15th ballot in the middle of the night managed to secure a majority North America correspondent Jade McMillan.

Joins us now from Washington it is the very small hours of the morning there Jade a long long night there for you how did the final vote play out all this has been an absolute roller coaster over the past four days but particularly in the last few hours this late night session of the House of Representatives got underway with the.

14th round of voting Kevin McCarthy entered that ballot looking very confident he had earlier suggested to reporters that he believed that he would get the numbers he needed to finally secure the speaker’s position but as that vote played out it became clear that the result would hinge on one member Florida’s Matt Gates a republican.

Who has been a very outspoken critic of Mr McCarthy’s and when he chose not to support him Mr McCarthy lost that round by a single vote and that prompted some really hated scenes in the chamber we saw a number of members involved Exchange in involved in very uh what looked like very tense exchanges at one point it looks like someone actually had.

To physically be held back some tried to adjourn the house so that it wouldn’t come back until Monday but that was voted down and so finally in round 15 Kevin McCarthy managed to win over those final holdouts within his party and he has now been elected Speaker of the House so Jade it took so much for Kevin.

McCarthy to get those crucial votes to get him over the line what happens next well it looks as though he is being sworn in and is about to make a speech to the House of Representatives this is something that he has worked for so long towards he has made no secret of his ambition for this jobber he tried to become speaker back in 2015 and had to.

Pull out at the last minute saying that he realized that he didn’t have the numbers uh and so this is something that he had been hoping that he would get another shot at and even after as he experienced defeat after defeat this week he remained defiant he insisted that he would fight it out until the end he said it’s not about how you start.

It’s how you finish one of the big questions though now facing Kevin McCarthy is at what cost did this job come out we know that he had already agreed to a range of concessions including a series of rule changes among those would be a rule that would basically make it easier for any member of the House to trigger a vote that.

Could then eject him from the position so he is in a sense weakened right from the beginning this also but we don’t know at this stage what other deals might have been struck this also raises broader questions about how the Republicans are going to govern in the house for the next two years they only won a narrow majority in last year’s.

Midterm elections some are saying look this might look messy but this is democracy democracy is messy but a lot of people wondering now if this is what has unfolded with the first few days of this Congress what is it going to look like from here quite a bit of work ahead there our North America correspondent Jade McMillan with the details in.