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Kevin McCarthy becomes U.S. House Speaker after 15 rounds of voting

Kevin McCarthy becomes U.S. House Speaker after 15 rounds of voting

The political deadlock that stole U.S government business and exposed deep divides within the Republican party has finally been broken after 15 rounds of voting the U.S House of Representatives has a new speaker and that you will well and Faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you’re about to enter so happy God.

Yes I do congratulations and God Speak that was a scene early this morning Republican Kevin McCarthy getting sworn in as Speaker McCarthy was finally able to win enough votes overcoming a faction of hard-line opposition within his own party cbc’s Natalie colada has been tracking the latest on this political Saga that.

Was really quite something we haven’t seen in I guess more than a hundred years Natalie walk us through what happened and the pressure Jennifer was growing with each passing day for McCarthy to somehow find the votes that he needed or if he couldn’t simply to step aside because Congress could not fully function until a new speaker was.

Chosen the incoming Republican chairman of the house Foreign Affairs armed services and intelligence committees had all said that National Security was at risk with this that staff were at risk of not getting paychecks as well now all that said after 15 rounds of voting a number of concessions also were made by Kevin McCarthy he has now become the U.S.

Speaker of the House the final tally for the vote though still very close 216 to 212 but it did not happen without some drama as we just mentioned McCarthy was being blocked by about 20 far-right colleagues their concern was really that he was not conservative enough the group there was led by Matt Gates a republican from Florida at one point a.

Republican from Alabama started to charge towards Gates another Republican had to physically pull him back eventually though McCarthy was able to swing those votes winning that position here’s more from him I may not know all of you some of you are new but I hope one thing is clear after this.

Week I never give up and he certainly did not not since 1859 had taken this many rounds of voting to elect a speaker the longest time it took to ever elected speaker was Back In 1855 it dragged on for months 133 ballots debates over slavery in the run-up to civil to the Civil War that was what.

Kind of preempted this we’ll have to watch very carefully The Fallout of this Jennifer well and part of that follow Kevin McCarthy may have won the vote for U.S House speaker but he gave away a lot in the process and many are concerned now about the weakened powers of his position what are you seeing that’s right so he won the vote but at what.

Cost we know that he had to sort of make some concessions including giving Rank and file lawmakers more influence in drafting pass and passing legislation and at the heart of it a reinstatement of a rule that would allow a single lawmaker to make a motion to quote vacate the chair essentially calling for a vote to remove the speaker in this.

Case himself along with other concessions like having more people on different committees and that there Jennifer really changes the game for us here in Canada here’s why assignments are incredibly important in our system here in the United States and Canada and Canadian interests will have to interact with each of the Committees.

Ways and Means as an example handles trade uh there are you know procurement protectionism Foreign Relations all of these things who is in the chair uh and who gets to chair those subcommittees is awfully important awfully important and we will see what impact it could have here in Canada all of this of course we are continuing to.

Watch thank you Natalie Natalie Coletta

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