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Kemp-Abrams debate | Takeaways

Kemp-Abrams debate | Takeaways

The most dangerous thing facing Georgia is four more years of Brian Kemp my record’s been attacked because Miss Abrams doesn’t want to talk about her own record it is time peaceful people were free to take on the challenges we Face the dust is finally settled for the first time since 2018 we are hearing from incumbent Brian Kemp and Democratic.

Challenger Stacey Abrams in the race for Georgia Governor they along with libertarian candidate Shane Hazel took part in a debate tonight by the Atlanta Press Club our own Jennifer Bellamy who’s one of the panelists tonight we’re looking into where the candidates stand on the economy crime and health care the debate featured the first in-person.

Interaction between Governor Brian Kemp and Stacey Abram since 2018. the governor standing by his record on Georgia’s booming economy while Abrams believes he squandered a State Surplus and we’ve been able to work to help give some relief to people despite what’s happening in Washington like giving a income tax credit back to our citizens.

Cutting taxes also suspending the gas tax we have the money in our accounts to do what is right money not delivered by Brian Kemp money delivered by federal Democrats and money that is delivered by hard-working Georgians who have generated the Surplus and they deserve investments in their lives Kemp touted his record on combating human.

Trafficking going after gang violence and empowering communities through the State’s new permitless carry law and my new Public Safety plan is stiffening panels penalties for gang gang members that are recruiting our children and I believe that most Jordans support that and I’m committed to working with all law enforcement to make a dent there I.

Believe that we can protect the Second Amendment and protect second graders at the exact same time that means that yes more people are buying guns but that’s because they think that’s the only way to protect themselves because guns have flooded our streets Abrams criticized Camp signing of a law restricting abortion and urged him to expand.

Medicaid to address key Health Care needs across the state well there’s been 600 000 people added to the Medicaid role since I become governor and the problem is it’s a broken government program that she wants the government to decide your health care that will also kick 200 000 private citizens off their private sector Health Care the six.

Hundred thousand people he references here on Medicaid they are put there because of the public health emergency and when that ends they will lose health care which will add more people who are on the streets unable to get health care

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