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Kanye to buy ‘free speech’ site Parler …Tech & Science Daily #podcast

Listen here: Kanye West agrees to buy Parler – the social app removed from Google’s Play Store over the Capitol riots. The first ‘net-zero smart-city’ being planned for Europe. BioNTech Covid jab scientists say cancer vaccine could be available ‘by 2030’. The UK joins the mission to hunt for origins of the universe. Also

Kanye to buy ‘free speech’ site Parler …Tech & Science Daily #podcast

Es audio hi I’m John weeks this is the evening standards Tech and Science Daily let’s go coming up Razer reveals new cloud-based gaming handhelds but first Kanye West is set to buy the social media platform parlor the current.

Owner Parliament technology said it had reached an agreement in principle to sell the pioneering uncancelable Free Speech platform to the rapper the social media site only returns to the Google Play Store last month having been removed for allowing posts that seek to incite ongoing violence in the U.S after the capital riots in January last year.

Kanye who now goes by the name yay saids in a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the rights to freely express ourselves a husband and wife team who helped develop one of the key covered vaccines have said cancer vaccines could be accessible for patients by 2030.

Professors yugar Shaheen and oslem tarashi from biontech worked with Pfizer on a covid jab but actually co-founded their company in 2008 to work on tailored cancer immunotherapies for individual patients speaking this month the pair admitted they’re hesitant to say they can find a cure for cancer that said they have had.

Breakthroughs they’ll keep working on the pair said their work on coronavirus has helped them learn how to manufacture vaccines faster and better and said it will definitely accelerate to the cancer vaccine they’re working on now the CEO of a company planning to build what he calls Europe’s first smart city with a net zero footprint is that he wants to.

Create a city that’s sustainable efficient and resilient to climate change we’re trying to create a unique destination in the world a paradigm City we call it the art of life that’s Odysseus apanasio CEO of Lambda development he said the projects will use Advanced Smart City infrastructure like electric transport AR navigation.

And Smart Energy and Water Management Systems it’s a huge project that Odysseus says will be a 15-minute City connecting the sea to the park into the mall to your next meal we’re gonna create a number of iconic architectural developments it’s going to be a smart City created from scratch and on top of this we’re going to have a place in.

Which in 15 minutes walking distance you can work live and get entertained the city will be based in a suburb of the Greek Capital Athens and will include a 2 million square meter Park and a 1.5 kilometer Sandy Beach six UK universities are joining a scientific mission to learn more about the origins of our universe the.

Experiments known as the Simons Observatory is all about looking at the cosmic microwave background in space which is the Trail of heat left by the Big Bang scientists say studying it can shed light on our understanding of how stars and galaxies were formed UK research and Innovation is investing 18 million pounds in two new telescopes for.

The experiment at the moment teams from the US are building a ground-based telescope on a mountain 17 000 feet above the Atacama Desert in Chile now one for the gamers Razer has released fresh details about its upcoming handheld cloud gaming device The Edge Razor’s Edge get it is designed to play games from the Android App Store.

As well as Steam and Xbox cloud gaming and the stats are quite impressive it supports up to 144 frames per second through its OLED screen uses qualcomm’s g3x gaming chipset and runs on Android 12. but it’s not an all-in-one handheld console the device is actually a 6.8 inch tablet that can be removed from its controller.

Coming up Apple might be changing how we use the iPad plus the research into how mushrooms become magic why not hit follow and give us a rating during the break welcome back a team of researchers at Plymouth University are taking on some research to find out exactly why some mushrooms become magic experts at the.

Uni said so far several hypotheses have been put forward for why some fungi create psychedelic compounds like using them as a form of defense against animals and insects but they’ve never actually been tested those compounds found in so-called magic mushrooms are increasingly being recognized for their potential to treat health conditions.

Including depression anxiety compulsive disorders and addiction the team in Plymouth planned to use DNA sequencing and other lab tests to investigate interactions between fungi and insects and whether the fungi undergo genetic changes during attack and development now research shows young lgbtq plus people are nearly twice as likely to.

Experience hate online the data from the annual Digital Youth index study also suggests that more than two-thirds of young people have experienced bullying and harassment online or viewed distressing content 53 of young people though said they felt that being online had a positive impact on their relationships with friends but.

More than one in four said they’d like to spend less time on their devices the research was carried out by internet firm nominet whose chief executive Paul Fletcher said Society depends on young people learning to thrive in our increasingly digital world and finally it’s reported apple is working on turning it to iPad into a.

Smart display with a new dock Apple experts Mark German reckons the company will make it more of a Smart Hub device which spends most of its time in a dock on the counter with a speaker similar to Google’s plans for its upcoming pixel tablet Mark reckons we could see something similar being done with the iPad as early as next year he said the.

Move would mark one of Apple’s most significant pushes into smart home devices you’re up to date come back at four o’clock for the leader podcast for more news from the evening standard we will be back tomorrow afternoon at one see you then.