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‘Kamikaze’ drones rain down on Kyiv

‘Kamikaze’ drones rain down on Kyiv

But we do begin tonight with Russia’s new reign of terror unleashing those Kamikaze drones across Ukraine including right in the capital of Kiev at least four civilians are dead tonight including a pregnant woman and her husband an early morning attack residents in Kiev going to work or school suddenly scrambling for cover.

Police could be seen shooting into the air right here to try to take the drones down moments later you can see the Drone exploding nearby in the video the blasts and the gunfire sending people running in fear emergency workers running toward an apartment building that was struck to try to find survivors they found the bodies of that husband.

And wife and tonight we also have news of a Russian warplane crashing just inside Russia near the Ukrainian border images circulating online showing the Russian military fighter jet right there at the top right crashing into a residential area the pilots ejecting at least six people killed on the ground and tonight inside Ukraine of course the.

Question will these Kamikaze drone attacks continue most of these drones from Iran to help Russia ABC’s brick Clinic leading us off tonight from Kiev foreign Russia’s deadly Campaign Of Terror Kamikaze drones raining down on Kiev the capital coming under attack during the morning rush for the second time in.

A week Ukraine claiming Russia launched at least 43 iranian-made drones packed with explosives across the country saying it shot down all but six these videos of the strikes circulating online watch as police officers with assault rifles desperately try to shoot a drone out of the sky you can hear the terrifying Buzz of the.

Drone in this body camera video then the massive explosion Chaos on the streets reporters and police seeking cover Sheltering together this woman asking for water residents running for their lives as explosions in gunfire are heard nearby firefighters combing through the aftermath searching for survivors.

Tragically at least four people killed including a pregnant woman and her husband there’s a strong sense of urgency here as emergency workers are frantically searching through the debris of that building smell is accurate of fire smoke and you can see it rising out of that apartment building which has been obliterated in this attack.

President zelenski tonight reiterating his plea for more sophisticated air defense systems saying Russia has no chance on the battlefield so it’s trying to cover up its military defeats with Terror a sentiment echoed by the Pentagon it says Moscow is deliberately striking civilian infrastructure and non-military targets Iran denies.

Supplying Russia with drones but the U.S saying the proof is extensive and violates a U.N resolution Russia deepening an alliance with Iran is something the whole world should especially those in the region and across the world frankly should be seen as a profound threat and in Russia near the Ukraine border tonight a military.

Fighter jet crashing into a residential area during a training exercise sparking a massive fire that engulfed an apartment building experts say these two white flashes seen in video circulating online show the pilot ejecting from the plane a bystander seen talking to the pilot moments later the death toll rising at.

Least six people killed several more missing Russian authorities blaming engine failure for the crash so let’s bring in Brick Clinic live again tonight in key for us and Brit the Pentagon today saying Russia is trying to instill Terror with their words with these deadly drone attacks on civilians does the U.S believe these drone attacks are.

Going to continue and then this plea from president zielinski for better air defense systems what’s been the response well David U.S officials believe Russia’s military is actually running low on Precision guided weapons which is why they’re turning to Iran for help now a senior defense official saying the U.S is trying to get more air defense.

Systems to Ukraine within the next several weeks as today’s Terror here in Kiev marks another escalation in Putin’s War campaign David brick Clinic leading us off here on a Monday night Brit thank you hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and.

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