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Joshimath News: Ground Situation In Joshimath Grim As 678 Houses Develop Cracks In Sinking Town

Joshimath News: Ground Situation In Joshimath Grim As 678 Houses Develop Cracks In Sinking Town

The subsidence threat in uttarakhand’s joshimath continues as per the state government’s latest bulletin on joshimati disaster a total of 678 buildings to hotels have been identified in the first phase even as relief rescue work has been intensified a total of 81 families have been shifted to safer places experts from different agencies.

Are analyzing the geological factors a final detailed report is going to be submitted to Chief Minister pushkar dhami meanwhile the representatives of joshimath met chief minister dhami also the chief minister spoke to shankaracharya discussing the situation moreover affected family is a village Administration zapathy in dealing with.

The crisis a plea has been filed by Swami Avi mukteshwara in the Supreme Court seeking immediate financial assistance an adequate compensation to the residents of joshimat The Plea also seeks for joshima to be declared as National disaster and direct ndma to actively support the residents of this area.

Um joshimat is now resembling a Zone hit by an earthquake at least 68 families have been relocated to the release camps and shelters over the past three days experts have blamed what they call unregulated construction for this grave crisis angry residents say that their.

Warnings were ignored India today’s Amit bhardwaj with this ground upon on the verge of collapse a sinking gateway to pilgrimage in uttarakhand cracks in homes and in buildings popular with the Fateful bound to badrinath residents being evacuated in the.

Freezing cold a town of at least 25 000 people joshimut breaks down in a Himalayan ecosystem rendered Fragile by rampant development for its impoverished residence it’s an imminent catastrophe lapse of the temple that they have been.

Worshiping at for Generations has completely broken the courage and mural of people like Lakshmi Devi she is crying and pleading to the state government that they should be given a safer location to live in with proper facilities because the cold out here the winter out here is chilling and the temperature dips uh sometimes even in.

The minus degrees late in the night this is chavni Bazaar the area housing security paraphernalia for joshimut now resembles a Zone devastated by a powerful earthquake the walls pillars and foundations of its buildings wrecked by subsidence.

Where you could see women are sitting on the road and they have blocked the traffic this is the most important route as far as the badrinath shrine is concerned and the passes to several establishment of the paramilitary forces are concerned but these women are angry they are saying that first the government didn’t listen to their.

Warnings and now their houses are being sealed at least 68 families have been relocated so far to relief camps and shelters like these over the past three days suffered damage Beyond repair Beyond Salvage the rawat family has been moved to a one-room setup at a municipal campaign.

Foreign experts blame what they call unregulated construction and administrative oversight for the grave crisis the risk of sinking flagged some 50 years ago a government Committee in 1976 forewarned of a disaster if construction activity was not controlled in joshimut.

Landslide is um foreign to how the tectonically alive Himalayas could have been dangerously exposed scientific activity.

With Amit bharadwaj pero report India today

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