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Joshimath Demolition To Start | Over 600 Houses Develop Cracks | Worries Soar As Town Sinks|Top News

Joshimath Demolition To Start | Over 600 Houses Develop Cracks | Worries Soar As Town Sinks|Top News

Well we have uh joining us live right now Mohit you’ve been speaking to many of those people there as far as the evacuation plan is concerned how is that developing even when it comes to several teams that have been deployed from the center to take stock of the situation Moet can you hear me well yes yes in fact you see uh right.

Now we are reporting from hotel Mount View which is about to be about to be demolished by the administration over here now these are the visuals from the hotel Malawi in and hotel Mount View now these hotels have developed several cracks and around one week ago around one week ago the whole hotel was being evacuated you can see on the ground the.

Situation over here that how exactly these cracks have widened up now when we were reporting over here from here four days ago these cracks were not these huge and these are the two hotels rather the first two constructions in uh the town of joshimat where the demolition will take place and you can see that how the electricity is being cut over here.

By the officials now the sgrf ndrf and the state police are on the ground and they’re taking the stock of the situation as of now what we are getting to know is that the officials from cbri everybody would be coming here and in the end the demolition will take place but look at this beautiful around here the whole area has been completely.

Isolated by the sdrf and the ndrf where the police have ensured that nobody is living in the vicinity of these two particular hotels and look at these cracks over here these have certainly widened up over here from past few days the stairs have completely come off from this area I can easily move my hand through this particular hole Amita and.

Then you can imagine the gravity of the situation now look at these visuals over here that have electricity connections every wire is being removed from this particular hotel and in some time from now the demolition work will start we have senior public police official Mr Shah over here.

The demolition process will start in one hour from now the whole area is being evacuated the top officials of the administration the top officials of the administration are are here and they have the announcements are being made that nobody should come within the vicinity of these two particular hotels now I’ll show you one very very.

Interesting visual Amita over here that this was the this was the stairs that led to the other parts of the joshima town but given the fact that how these two hotels have come too close and uh one hotel is tilting towards another the stairs have also come off they have come they are completely broken they’re completely damaged given the fact that.

How these two hotels have come together and as of now this place is very very dangerous and hence the first Total that is being demolished over here is hotel Mount View and Malawi in and you can see over here that how the the collections the electricity connections are being cut off the sgrf commandant is also here he’s personally monitoring the situation.

As of now that what exactly would be done and how exactly the evacuation process will take place sir everything is is being done at what time you will start with the uh we’ll start after some time you’ll start after some time so what we’re trying to equate all areas so there you heard the top official from.

The sdrf is personally monitoring the situation and he’s saying that the priority of the government as well and the administration as of now is to evacuate the whole area given the fact it’s a very sensitive sensitive sensitive belt over here Amita look at these hotels these are very huge and big hotels of yoshima and we also know for a.

Fact that how they are completely tilting towards each other I’ll ask my camera person harinder to follow me and show the visuals around that rapid urbanization and illegal construction without proper checks and balances has led to the situation that now the two hotels on the main board of the Joshi badrinath Highway will have to be.

Demolished look at the cracks over here now if you see on your TV these cracks might look small but then I’ll show you the gravity of the situation that this particular stair which leads to this particular highway is has completely come off from the road and hence you can understand that how serious the situation is now these are the two.

Structures which will be first demolished uh in the in the town of joshimat and after that we’ll see that how exactly uh the other houses which are in the danger zone will be will be completely cut off and these are the visuals coming in harinder these are the visuals coming in of the wires being cut off electricity.

Connection been completely cut off by the administration so that when the demolition take place no untoward incident happens so these are the visuals coming in from the town of joshimat who would have thought one year ago six months ago that these two hotels which are on the main board are the most famous hotels of joshima will be.

Demolished due to the situation that is prevailing on the ground over here now the electricity connections have been cut off and in some time from now MOS defense Ajay Bhatt would be landing in joshimat he will be briefed by the situation by the Army Commander he’ll also have a meeting with the top Army officials given the fact Joshi but is a.

Very important base of the army now if you go towards the side of rainy Village which is a border border Village and or towards side joshimat is a major major army camp and we know for a fact that how all the aspects will be looked into regarding the safety of the army officials by the government to look at these visuals over here that how the.

Electricity connections are being cut off the top officials over here are just waiting from the instructions from scrf and look at these visuals over here towards that side everything is being moved from that side now these two hotels are not only two hotels which are in danger as of now in Joshua look at on the other side of the road these cracks.

Have also widened up the floor has completely come off it seems and the situation over here is very volatile in 1976 report bayad Mishra committee also stated that yoshima is is situated on an ancient landside land Landslide site and beneath the site of Joshua are rocks and mud it’s not the proper Mountain which is there and hence it would be very.

Dangerous it would be very dangerous if unchecked construction continues in the town of joshimat and it seems that all the warnings were being ignored and look at the visuals over here all the warnings were are being ignored by the administration and by the consecutive government we the Congress government we the BJP government and this had led to.

The situation where you see that the hotels which are two to three uh uh floor hotels over here they have to be demolished

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