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Joe Biden ‘mangled his sentences’ announcing assassination of al-Qaeda leader

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Joe Biden ‘mangled his sentences’ announcing assassination of al-Qaeda leader” here is their detail.

But to what sounded at first at first hearing like uh a big victory for the united states a u.s missile has killed the head of al-qaeda aiming who took over the islamist terrorist group after osama bin laden was killed a decade ago now.

Justice has been delivered and this terrorist leader is no more was undoubtedly evil right he was actually a pediatrician in egypt oh nice guy in fact he became an islamist radical he was arrested after muslim radicals assassinated egyptian president omar sadat in 1981 but he was acquitted and he later teamed.

Up with ozama bin laden and is accused of helping to plan al-qaeda's terror attacks in 1998 of u.s embassies in kenya and tanzania and the 2001 terror attacks from the united states that killed around three thousand people so he deserved to die and biden who looked really frail when he announced his skill.

Struggled to read his words mangled his sentences made a big claim in trying to sound tough now we have eliminated the emir of al qaeda he will never again never again allow afghanistan to become a terrorist.

Safe haven because he is gone and we're going to make sure that nothing else happens you know it can't be a launching pad against the united states but wait a minute here sawari was actually assassinated in house in kabul the capital of.

Afghanistan in a nice area the house a house reportedly linked to an adviser of the second in command of the taliban government so it sounds to me that afghanistan is becoming a haven for terrorists maybe not quite that safe but the taliban is not just once more in charge of afghanistan after barnes disaster rush pull out of u.s troops but.

Is once more protecting al qaeda and who knows who else joining me is australia's top writer on foreign affairs greg sheridan of the australian newspaper greg great to see you how significant is this assassination well andrew it's uh you know it's it's a useful thing uh it shows that america can strike and in a in a period of a.

Couple of weeks where biden has never looked more dottery confused hesitant incompetent and hopeless uh at least it shows that it can still be dangerous to be an enemy of america's but i think the implication in your intro that the taliban is sheltering al qaeda is undeniable well absolutely.

It's incredible isn't it that but that he still makes a promise no it won't be when we actually see that it is um zwari was 71 very low profile for a decade how dangerous was he still well al qaeda has been somewhat eclipsed by isis and um it seems to be in a rebuilding phase a lot of the terrorism from islamists in.

The last few years has been localized um and not directed precisely at the west i mean terrible things are happening every day in africa you know christians uh and moderate muslims being murdered in huge numbers by islamist extremists um at one level al-qaeda cost the taliban a lot because america went in 20 years ago and chased the taliban out but on the.

Other hand the ultimate victory of the taliban allowed them to say that they had vanquished and beaten and defeated the united states and the inability of the united states to set up a a functioning.

Government that it could ally with in afghanistan remains a a grave strategic defeat for united states power al-qaida is not what it was under osama bin laden but we have no idea how the terrorists are going to respond in in years ahead not respond to this killing i mean but they now have hundreds of thousands of active recruits.

Many more they had than they had at the time of the 9 11 outrage so look killing their leader is very useful because nothing focuses the minds of a leader more than uh you know having a bomb drop on their tent colonel gaddafi was much more cooperative after that happened to him but um.

You know the terrorist challenge goes on and on and afghanistan the taliban is not keeping any of their promises not to harbor terrorists to treat women decently nothing that they promised is is being honored no absolutely correct

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