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JJ Watt indicates he’s retiring at the end of the season

Beloved JJ Watt may be hanging up his football jersey at the end of this season

JJ Watt indicates he’s retiring at the end of the season

A while announcing on his social media platforms that he’s retiring from the NFL after the 2022 season KPRC 2’s Chancellor Johnson joins us live now in The Newsroom and chance many watt fans caught off guard by this they say yeah definitely a little surprising especially considering he’s still a very productive player but it appears the.

Greatest Houston Texan and franchise history number 99 is calling it a career and a Hall of Fame one at that watt announced it on his social media posting a picture of his son saying it was his first ever NFL game but my last ever NFL home game my heart is filled with nothing but love and gratitude it’s been an absolute honor and pleasure and it.

Was a pleasure to watch take a look at this guy’s resume a three-time defensive player of the year a five-time pro bowler a five-time first team All-Pro two-time NFL sax leader the only player ever to record multiple 20 pack 20 plus Sac seasons and that’s just on the field off of it his resume is equally as impressive from his time as Wisconsin.

Badger to his impact here in Houston most notably after Hurricane Harvey was the defensive end helped raise over 41 one million dollars and was later named the NFL’s Walter Payton man of the year now it’s important to note JJ Watt is still a member of the Arizona Cardinals so the Texans can’t say too much but they did acknowledge the defensive end.

And said they plan to celebrate his retirement in the coming months and guys I expect number 99 to be right up there in the Ring of Honor next to Bob McNair and Andre Johnson next season nice