Jays season over after blowing 8-1 lead

Jays season over after blowing 8-1 lead

Heartbreaking devastating unbelievable Blue Jays fans trying to put together what happened at the Rogers Center on Saturday the Blue Jays were up 8-1 in game two of their Wild Card Series against Seattle but it ended with Seattle sweeping the series celebrating on the Blue Jays field winning 10-9 and ending the blue jay season uh the crazy.

Craziest game I’ve ever been to it’s heartbreaking it’s an empty performance you know next year we’ll get them though the guys are still young I almost left in like the fifth inning it was 8-1 and I don’t know how we blew that the worst choke job I’ve ever seen was it a very Toronto Sports thing good Lord did it suck when they were up.

Eight one did you no I knew it was still a ball game at that point you know being from Toronto you never know right obviously we’re sad and disappointed and we’re frustrated we bought October rise shirts yesterday like sweatshirts and we’re like yes they were so energized and it just it’s disappointing we were both here in 2015.

And 16 so like this is we’re heartbroken honestly I could cry we’re so sad it’s caught up in the vein of Toronto Sports to be disappointed I guess at the end of the day but I mean it’s you know when you turn the ball over to the bullpener they don’t perform it’s uh it’s not great it wasn’t great to watch it’s unfortunate but uh good for Seattle yeah.

It wasn’t a Yankees no heartbreaking loss um you know tough to watch uh it sucks when you’re you’re out of the game and you don’t have any any more say in it right so you’re essentially just watching and hoping you know yeah that was that was.

Tough Jay’s manager John Schneider believes one of the turning points of the game was in the eighth Inning on this play when Springer and vichette collided trying to make this catch Springer ended up leaving the game on a stretcher and Seattle tied the game what was it eight to one you know they chipped away and um you know we took you.

Know it’s a four-run lead in the eighth inning and uh you know you feel good about that and um you know reliving it and mapping it out um yeah I think it was the play in the eighth inning that fell in and Center probably changing momentum for sure uh and everything else leading up to.

That um plays a part of it too but um sometimes the ball doesn’t go your way uh and you know that’s that’s a part of baseball that sucks so it’s probably that probably that Crawford hit in the eighth going into Saturday’s game the Blue Jays were 18-0 when they scored at.

Least nine or more runs that obviously came to an end on Saturday night the positive news is if you’re an NBA phf or NHL fan their seasons start within the next few weeks reporting for city news from Toronto I’m Lindsey Dunn

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