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James Ryan on Leinster’s comeback against Munster and their unbeaten run of form

James Ryan on Leinster’s comeback against Munster and their unbeaten run of form

Yeah it was a great win um I could uh just obviously I was watching Ambush it looked like some atmosphere down there um and as you said I think we’ve shot a good character in that period where we when we were 14 we were 14 men and we obviously got the yellow card and we.

Were 14 16 and um you know to score two tries here in that window was was obviously the difference in the end and so uh yeah I just thought I would manage that period period was was fantastic um and um until it was great great to get the wind down there obviously always is.

Is the most impressive for you that the the two games where you’ve really really been in tricky spots like Monday nights and against Ulster at the start of December that you were able to turn those ones around yeah yeah nothing pleasing and um hope those uh those interval games are big for us.

Um another big internal goals of ours and we really measure ourselves um you know during those games um so so far we’re delighted with them we’ve obviously got one more uh one more this week with with kind of coming to your audience on Sunday and so um everyone’s you know there’ll be new guys.

Given a chance this week everyone’s kind of very motivated to um you know to put in as good a performance as we did at on Steven’s day and to keep that momentum going to March 10 of the 10 of the UFC two out of two in Europe is that something you’re talking about no you’re thinking right oh let’s go on.

Vegan on a regular season does is there a note Plus board up in the changing room with a big sign 10 out of 10 you know is that is that really part of what you’re out um I don’t think we looked that far ahead and not support an answer but I think we generally you know do um.

Do look at just week by week um you know you could you know there’s a bit of rotation the last few weeks you got different eyes coming in and coming out and different guys have been given opportunities but uh we just take every week as it comes and we start again um.

But um like as I said earlier you know these into programs probably in particular um you know are very important to us so um it’s our last interview game of the season um so you know we want to put it in performance so we can be proud of and I suppose the whole thing for that.

Is that you know if you’re coming off the back of zero defeats you find a way to win which is kind of what happened in film and park it becomes that does it become a habit and do you do you feel comfortable when you’re under the pressure when you are winning as opposed to a side that’s maybe not winning as regularly or when.

They come under pressure they they can sometimes bloat uh yeah I think it’s been good um you know some of their performances and and the wind we’ve had this season um when we’ve kind of been under the pump a lot and under pressure as you said and we’ve kind of you know we found a way to win.

Um you know obviously too that’s okay that Ulster game in the audience and um obviously monster downtown park um and um yeah I think there are winds that you kind of you kind of grow from as a group when you take a lot of confidence from um because you know you know going down the line when when you’re up against it.

That um you know everyone believes that that we can we can find a way to win these games so um so yeah we’ll have taken confidence and a bit of belief from from the way we’ve kind of bounced back from some of those games this season um but uh we just gotta just gotta keep.

That getting better and and uh keep moving on to the next one because that’s the way rugby is

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