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James O’Brien takes aim at Liz Truss being ‘pathetic and obnoxious’ about Nicola Sturgeon

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “James O’Brien takes aim at Liz Truss being ‘pathetic and obnoxious’ about Nicola Sturgeon” here is their detail.

four minutes after 11 is the time um now it's time for trus uh and ben houchin is you'll know probably the conservative mayor of the teas valley and something of a golden boy for both the modern conservative party and the the so-called red wall he's just responded to liz trust's latest intervention on the.

Question of civil service pay we're going to be talking about nicholas her comments about nicholas sturgeon as well but this is a develop development it's just tweeted actually speechless there is simply no way you can do this without a massive pay cut for five and a half million people including nurses police officers and our armed forces.

Outside london so much that we've worked for in places like t side would be undone this is liz truss's pledge last night to save billions of pounds on pay for civil servants and it's breathtaking right again i i can't do another hour on stupid or.

Ignorant well no i can't do another hour on stupid or ignorant because i think that's at its most effective after the evidence has arrived this is again i suppose ben hatching can say this is a really really really stupid thing to do and liz.

Trust could say no it isn't it's only after you've done it and you're looking at the consequences like the roadblocks in um dover that you can have a conversation about whether the people who said there wouldn't be any stoppages and shortages and blockages in dover were stupid or ignorant as in.

Jacob rees-mogg's case so the um question this morning that i was going to ask you before i saw this intervention and a question which i think becomes even more pertinent now is is this one um.

Six minutes after 11 is the time who is she appealing to most obviously with her obnoxious comments about nicholas sturgeon last night nicholas sturgeon is the first minister of scotland i didn't do any calculations before i suggested earlier that she might be the most electorally.

Successful politician in the united kingdom at the moment i don't know because khan's probably got a claim to that crown as well but what i mean you could say negative thing but listen to what she said about nicholas doesn't the first.

Minister of scotland and if you have a particular interest in scottish politics then alert the neighbours will you because we're going in uh but we're also going in on on these civil servant comments as well because the calculation is clearly that there are the base as in the conservative membership are going to lap up.

These sort of comments and these sort of claims and that's what i want your help in understanding but here she is talking here is it liz truss who is the front runner to be our next prime minister talking about that as in the prime minister of the united kingdom talking about the first minister of.

Scotland i think the best thing to do with nicolas sturgeon is ignore her i think she's i think i'm sorry it's a bit difficult when she's first ministered she's got a democratically elected position just as you i'm sorry she's an attention seeker.

That's what she is so that's conservative members in the room predominantly brexit supporters who've spent the last few years banging on about how important it is to respect democracy you might call them hypocrites i probably wouldn't be that kind and so the reason for this inquiry is because she knows that that's going to get a.

Round of applause this is this is the skill set that she's bringing to the table is that just xenophobia or is that unkind is it is it now as is always the case with bigotry's a narrowing of the target so it used to be foreigners in general or just the brown ones and then it includes the white ones if they're in.

Europe or or poland and then france even and now scotland for this sort of i need a better word what's a better word than english nationalist i don't know i find that gross i find the comments gross and i am far from a passionate advocate of.

Scottish independence but i find the comments gross and i find the reaction despicable and that's the question really what is she appealing to with those comments how did liz trust know that being pathetic and obnoxious about nicola sturgeon would get a big cheer and a.

Round of applause from an audience that consists entirely of conservative party members the tiny tiny tiny cohort of people who get to choose our next prime minister who what is she appealing to so we've got the um obvious brexit related observation that they are still campaigning in fantasy land.

It's odd isn't it that on a day like today when reese mogg is forced to essentially clean up his own mess regarding dover they're still campaigning in fantasyland on brexit so that's part of it but why would insulting nicola sturgeon in such a childish and obnoxious fashion be something that liz truss.

Correctly thinks will go down well with her base and of course if you're scottish whether you are in favor of independence or against it how do you feel about hearing the most likely next prime minister of the united kingdom suggesting that your first minister should be ignored.

I think and and i'm not scottish so you are more than welcome to correct me on this i think she's telling scotland to sod off oh three four five six oh six oh nine seven three hit the numbers now you will get through the the democratically elected first minister of scotland should be ignored.

What does that say about devolution what does it say about democracy what does it say about elections and what is it that liz trust is appealing to is it a a sort of slavish devotion to the union or just a devotion to the union i don't think it is i don't think the average english tory is particularly committed to the.

Union maybe i'm wrong but she knows that she's going to get a round of applause for her i'll play it to you again because i think it's a new low in anglo-scottish relations the woman who would be prime minister of the united kingdom insisting that the um.

Scottish first minister should be ignored and then just throwing in a a ridiculously hypocritical insult that she's an attention seeker this is a woman who's been photographed dressing up as margaret thatcher it's been photographed on a tank wearing a dress that looked like it had been pinched from thatcher's wardrobe for one of the.

Debates telling unconscionable fibs about um trade deals in order to curry favor with the membership if if being accused of attention seeking by liz trust is like being accused of being stupid and dishonest by jacob ruiz morg so what's she up to oh three four five six.

0-6-0-9-7-3 i'll play the clip again then we'll start on your calls i think the best thing to do with nicola sturgeon is ignore her i think she's i think sorry it's a bit difficult when she's first ministered she's got a democratically elected position just as you i'm sorry.

She's an attention seeker that's what she is and to add to that which was what we were coming on air with at 10 o'clock this morning this claim about saving 11 billion pounds on civil servants wages has now blown up in her face um because in order to save that sort of.

Money you would as ben houchin the conservative mayor of t side has pointed out you'd be inflicting huge or you'd be inflicting pay cuts on countless soldiers nurses teachers outside london this is a really really stupid policy pronouncement.

So what exactly is she trying to do to whom is she trying to appeal

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