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J.J. Watt has announced his retirement! #shorts

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J.J. Watt has announced his retirement! #shorts

All I know is you mess with me you got problems that’s all I know 44. 44. you stink you got some let’s see oh I’ll show you I’ll show you just make sure you got a good view get some popcorn maybe some Jujubes a slushie snow cap perhaps maybe some snow caps I don’t know.

You’re Gonna Want to be comfortable today watch the show it is heads you’ve won the toss you’d like to receive bad decision we’re between the white lines this is football this is football welcome to the big leagues I have a tough time talking trash if I had 28 yards of total offense I’m just saying.

That’s an interesting strategy I like Drew I don’t like hitting him like that there we go we got him some help all right finally