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Indigenous Voice backed by ‘woke supporters’

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Indigenous Voice backed by ‘woke supporters’” here is their detail.

I'm appalled by the lies being told to sell labor's racist idea of creating what i call an aboriginal only parliament in our constitution now i showed last night the prime minister for instance claiming falsely that australia denies aborigines even the right to a happy life.

That governments here have never consulted aborigines that have caused them to die early by not listening and that aborigines have no right to expect even decency from australians now i think these appalling and truths are really dangerous because if albanese's referendum on this aboriginal parliament succeeds we get a form of apartheid but.

If it fails albanese has now encouraged people to think it's just more proof of the shocking racism that he sees operating right to this very moment the results i fear could be explosive well andrew you know i think that that analysis is uh is basically correct um i give albanese some credit for producing the most.

Modest proposal that you could get out of this amalgam of identity politics and madness which has gripped this discussion over the last few years almost everything said about this ridiculous proposal is untrue including by most of its woke um supporters in the white commentariat it's not true that australian.

Governments have not consulted aboriginal that's just ridiculous i wrote a column today opposing this uh proposal on first principles but we went through the whole exercise of establishing the aboriginal and torres strait islanders commission and there are a million um mechanisms of consultation.

Today so almost everything that's said about it i mean to albanese's credit the modesty of his proposal is that parliament would design and determine what this voice uh could do and who sat on it and everything but if if it can do that then it could do that tomorrow so if there is some gap in consultation then just set the thing up.

Tomorrow and don't go anywhere near the constitution but i think you know i don't want to sound too slow i just want to pick up something put something to you before i run out of time you said it's a modest proposal and on the face of it might seem that but how can you guarantee that this will just be.

An advisory parliament with no real power when the words that albanese says he once added to the constitution actually say our parliament can make laws with respect to the composition functions powers and procedures of this aboriginal voice in other words it could once we voted for it give this aboriginal parliament.

Functions and powers including real powers what powers do you think albanese is talking about or some future government might decide to give such a parliament well i'd make a couple of points about that andrew at least under this proposal that would still be up to parliament so if parliament made a stupid decision to.

Give the voice excessive powers a subsequent parliament could reverse it whereas if those powers are enumerated in the constitution they would be irreversible however two real quick points we have no idea what the high court would make of this the high court has been so inventive in indigenous rulings that we have absolutely no idea.

What the high court could make irreversible but secondly whereas i would persist in giving albanese some credit for getting the least terrible version of this monster you know this very bad proposal that he can why has the liberal party not simply opposed the idea of a race-based.

Provision in principle we're still getting both peter dutton and david little proud and all the rest of them saying we want to see the detail you don't need any detail about a race-based provision in the constitution to oppose race-based provisions in principle and in my opinion the failure of the of the legislation.

Let us into this matter are you being unfair they want to see exactly how racist they should be you know give them some credit how racist and how dangerously racist will this be we'll be a little bit racist but we might go the whole hog i mean it's just nuts greg sheridan your piece today magnificent thank you so much for your.


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