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‘I’m not going to bend’ to media or political pressure: Perrottet

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “‘I’m not going to bend’ to media or political pressure: Perrottet” here is their detail.

Personally given the damages he's done to your government is it frustrating that mrs hasn't come forward before and you know at least admitted to some of the wrongdoing and let this saga drag on for weeks now well you know people have the right to have proper processes take place and i.

Think that is only fair i think that is only fair and reasonable and as i have said there are always political challenges in public life i have to make decisions in relation to the approach that i and the government takes when information comes to life i instigated an independent review.

That was a decision i made and i've said every every time that i would wait till i receive that information i accept i accept that there has been significant media interest in relation to this matter but i'm not going to bend to media pressure or political pressure i will i will make the right decisions.

That i believe are in the best interest of the state of new south wales based on appropriate information

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