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Igor Danchenko found not guilty in Steele Dossier trial

Igor Danchenko found not guilty in Steele Dossier trial

Hi Neil Igor danchenko the Russian national accused of being the primary sub source for Christopher Steele found not guilty again Igor danchenko not guilty uh in a court a jury of his peers 12 jurors decided they would not put him behind bars or not find him guilty on four counts of lying to the FBI now Dan shanko was in the courtroom at the time.

We don’t know exactly if he breathed the sigh of relief we had to come out and get this news out as soon as possible however this is part of John Durham’s investigation the special counsel appointed by then attorney general Bill Barr back in May 2019 to look at the origins of the narrative that pinned Donald Trump to Russia back in 2016.

Early 2017 we covered extensively efforts by the FBI and others to investigate Trump that was kind of the purpose of the entire Mueller report so John Durham was tasked with looking at the origins of the Russia uh narrative to see where it came from he charged a Hillary Clinton campaign attorney named Michael Sussman last year Michael.

Sussman was on trial also for lying to the FBI he was acquitted in May and this is John Durham the special counsel’s second loss in a court of law we’ve been told that John Durham is still going to move forward with a narrative something written a a report a full report for the public to be able to see kind of weaving this entire narrative and and really.

Putting a bow on this more than three-year investigation but right now we can tell you Igor danchenko found not guilty on all four counts Neil jurors began deliberating yesterday at two in the afternoon went for three hours went all day today we were kind of wondering what was going on today and then about 40 minutes ago they had a question about.

A conversation that took place with an FBI agent then about 20 minutes later they came back and they said not guilty on all four counts Neil one of the counts the fifth count was dropped by the judge a little earlier so I’m just wondering what this does to special counsel John Durham’s case going forward yeah we’ll have to see what happens and.

That what was dropped is was a a um a conversation that danchenko allegedly had with a man named Chuck Dolan who’s a democratic operative the special counsel said that danchenko spoke to Dolan and used some of that information in the Steele dossier that document that was you know trying to take down Donald Trump however.

Danchenko’s attorneys and the judge ultimately said Dolan and danchenko communicated via email so they technically did not speak therefore judge Anthony tranga threw out that one charge on a technicality what happened today Neil was four different counts uh dealing with danchenko talking to an FBI agent named.

Kevin helson and repeating a story about uh speaking to who he believed was a Russian that may have been giving some dirt on Donald Trump well Durham said that never happened he said that danchenko lied to this FBI agent four times danchenko’s attorney said you can’t prove it it didn’t happen because well it may not be.

In phone records there’s WhatsApp there’s signal there’s other encrypted services that people use to communicate ultimately it appears the jury believed what the defense team had to say and I I will add Neil the defense team did not even put on a defense they not only didn’t call danchenko they didn’t even put on a defense so when Durham and the.

Government was done last Friday danchenko’s team effectively said you know we’re done too you just have to wonder whether this could be Durham Swanson here that that this was something that you know there was great expectation here uh and it’s just physical well you know we don’t know if John.

Durham’s going to charge anyone else and you know legal experts have said it’s unlikely because you look at the statute of limitations we’re talking about stuff that happened in 2016 2017 we’re at six years now from 2016. in in many cases the statute of limitations has expired so there’s it there’s not real a clear path to see if.

He’s going to charge somebody else but if not and we’ve known this all along that John Durham is someone that’s very careful that’s very calculated that pays attention to detail and someone that takes this time and I think from a three and a half year investigation we know that this what happened today may not be his final act it may be his final act in.

A courtroom however we do expect some sort of narrative uh to come out a final Durham report just like we saw the Mueller report and by the way even though John Durham is a special counsel he still falls under the branch of the Department of Justice and attorney general mayor Garland and mayor Garland the AG has been very hands off.

Allowing Durham to do his thing he does not want to get in the way he said you know I’ve renewed Durham’s budget I’ve let him do his thing so while we don’t 100 know if Merrick Garland will give the sign off for John Durham to release his report I suspect having covered Merrick garland that he will go ahead and give that sign off to allow that.

Durham report to be released um I’m just getting some information from Jake Gibson our Justice producer he said Igor danchenko hugged his wife who was in tears and again not guilty on all four counts Neil you know I’m wondering in the case of Mayor Garland whether you know by not intruding in the case he’s just letting not the durhams imploding I.

Don’t want to imply that but but that this whole case might be imploding what do you think it’s it’s hard to tell honestly it’s hard to tell because I there was a lot Neil that John Durham wanted to bring into this trial that judge Anthony trango would not let him bring into this trial for evidentiary reasons and really.

Other reasons so I think John Durham if you would ask him and I wish we could ask him and I wish he would do an interview with us but he’s probably not going to do an interview I wish we could ask and see if he felt like you know he didn’t get a fair shake from the beginning if he would do things differently I would love to sit down and.

Have an opportunity to talk to him and you know we we have the microphone set up right behind my shoulder here and I suspect we’ll hear from danchenko’s Team we’ll try to reach out to Durham and his team but likely we’ll get some sort of statement from him which is which is normal I mean the government typically does not come out and speak if if they.

Lose a case so that’s not abnormal if he doesn’t speak David thank you very much hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere where else

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