Ian Blackford brands Liz Truss and her Tory government “Reckless right wing wreckers’

Ian Blackford brands Liz Truss and her Tory government “Reckless right wing wreckers’

At a time of such Challenge and crisis let me tell you friends that we’re very lucky to have that leadership we’re very lucky to have Nicola sturgeon because conference trust me on this you don’t have to spend too long at Westminster these days to realize what happens when that kind of Salvage leadership is literally nowhere to be found in.

Government in Whitehall now my job is you’re Westminster leader is to stand up here and give your an update of events in London no In fairness it’s a hard enough job at the best of times but honestly this year especially with the chaos of the last few weeks I barely know where to start.

They often say that first impressions are important in any new job well only a matter of weeks into their new roles the disastrous way of Liz truss and quasi kratang have crashed the economy sent the pound plummeting put Pension funds at risk and created Mayhem for mortgage holders the bank of England are having to spend.

Up to 65 billion pounds to prop up the guilt Market to stop Pension funds from holding and all because of the chaos caused by trust and curtain says the new prime minister and her new Chancellor have made the worst first impression in the history of UK politics because the inequality and the incompetence of the budget will go down.

As one of the worst Financial interventions in modern history that by the way don’t simply take my word for it just ask the many budgets very newest critic Douglas Ross but conference mind you be quick because no doubt he’ll change his mind again before long perhaps before the end of this conference speech.

You know there was at least one Turi who had the inside track on the disarray that would unfold now I promise you that this will be the first and definitively the last time I ever caught Rishi sunak at an SNP conference but credit whether it’s due he was right when he warned that the plans of this trust were fairy tale economics.

But what was once fairy tale economics used to bribe voters from the Tory members last summer has become everyone else’s nightmare this ottoman winter because the decisions on financial markets the chaos of their choices will impact directly and painfully on ordinary households higher interest rates means higher.

Mortgage costs a weaker pound means food and fuel prices will go up even further and the blinding and competence of it will make it lean and longer and deeper recession toward the incompetence comes with a massive price and it will all be paid for the only way the Tories know how by cutting public services and pushing more of our people.

Into poverty already they are getting up to make real terms cuts to benefits in this middle of the cost of living crisis and on the very same morning that they finally you turned on their tax cut for the super rich the Tories slipped out the real announcement that they would be slashing.

Public Services by 18 billion pounds every year friends the last decade of Tony austerity was only the start the resolution Foundation has predicted that the Chancellor’s choices would mean cuts of 47 billion pounds by the middle of this decade cuts at least as big as those by the.

Original austerity Chancellor George Orban it turns out that the new Tory plan is the same as the old Tory plan austerity 2.0 so conference here’s a test for the new conservative Rebels who are magically multiplying by the day.

If there’s any sense of morality if they have any backbone they will join us in stopping any real terms cuts to benefits and any return to austerity conference their Chancellor even had the cheek to say that the immorality at the heart of his budget was only a distraction a distraction for goodness sake.

But those in Scotland aren’t distracting one little bit we’ve got the message loud and clear during the shambles of the last few weeks as our own Alison thulis described it this is now broke broken Britain your homes your pensions your incomes are not safe under Westminster control it is Friends a cost a risk a price that.

Scotland can’t afford to pay any longer that his conference the reality is the chaos of the last few weeks has now no exception it has become The New Normal of British politics a pattern of constant crisis now defines Westminster it started when they boarded The Big Red brexit Bus in 2016. and they’d been driving towards disaster.

Ever since we all thought that it would be Boris Johnson who would eventually drive it over the cliff well In fairness he did come pretty close but it turns out he has left trust and kurtang to drive the UK economy over the cliff Edge and the sheer stupidity of.

Their grand plan is becoming clearer exit the EU only to fall into the arms of the international monetary fund and who can forget that these are the same people who once promised to Take Back Control well the last few weeks are the clearest evidence as just how dangerously they have lost control.

We are now left with the remaining rump of a desperate Tory party Reckless right-wing Records who should never be allowed anywhere near the privilege of power ever ever again so let us at this conference make a promise of our own let’s never allow them control over our lives ever ever to have control over the Scottish people.

Ever again

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