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Huge wave of Covid infections overwhelm China

Huge wave of Covid infections overwhelm China

We haven’t seen scenes like this since the height of the pandemic but this was the country that had a zero covered policy and no real plan on how to exit it now it’s people are paying the price doctors overloaded infected staff are forced to keep working and patients struggling to access the short supply of drugs.

Either that the hospital is just overwhelmed from top to bottom so you know the ER filled up with people a lot of them got admitted to the hospital they’re not getting better in a day or two so there’s no flow um so they’re stuck in the radar figures are hard to come by even as the body bags Mount statistics from China.

Show there’s been no covert deaths reported in the last six days scenes from funeral parlors raised doubts here a large frustrated crowd gathers outside one in eastern shangdong province it’s inside you can hear the anger as for the number of infections who knows China just stopped counting last.

Week the World Health Organization warned the country may be struggling to keep a tally foreign today it was back on the daily commute as residents learn to live with covid China is the last major country to move towards treating covert as endemic lifting lockdowns and most restrictions.

On daily life restrictions many residents were fed up of so much so last month rare protests broke out in several cities but Health experts are pointing to three reasons China has found itself in trouble a failure to vaccinate the elderly communicate an exit strategy to the public as well as too much focus on.

Eliminating the virus paying a lot of effort on on West nation of old people instead they spend too much effort on PCR so a lot of Observer already point out the cost of PCR almost equal to the cost of vaccination if China’s big cities are struggling there are more concerns about its less.

Affluent and rural areas next month hundreds of millions of rural migrant workers will head home for the Lunar New Year many taking the virus with them

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