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How universities are preparing for monkeypox

As students head back to class, some Canadian universities are offering monkeypox vaccines and educational resources, while at least one says it has isolation rooms available. #university #health #canada Watch The National live on YouTube Sunday-Friday at 9 p.m. ET Subscribe to The National: Connect with The National online: Facebook | Twitter |

How universities are preparing for monkeypox

Canadian campuses are bustling again after more than two years of covid19 disruptions and this fall schools are watching out for another pathogen too perhaps students will be asking more questions about monkey pox as it is a new communicable disease the concern comes after cases of monkey.

Pox began spreading globally through sexual networks largely impacting men who have sex with men on university campuses across the world that’s a setting where sexual activity can calmly happen this toronto physician who has treated some of the city’s monkey pox patients says schools need to educate students doing so in a way that’s not.

Stigmatizing and avoids any sense of shame associated with sexual activity i think is really really paramount cbc news asked more than a dozen canadian schools about their plans to keep students safe if cases do pop up on campuses many told us they have educational resources available while.

Others are offering monkey pox vaccines at least one university also has isolation rooms available for students who catch any contagious disease and then we also provide them with all the necessities that they may need food bedding all those other things that they might need in that isolation period campus precautions are being put in.

Place as the overall number of monkey pox cases in canada is trending down from a summer peak still health officials are urging caution a downward trend can be the most dangerous time if it opens the door to complacency we’re continuing with but this advocate says students shouldn’t panic either and i think it’ll be.

Important for universities to strike a balance ensuring that the right information is reaching the folks who need to hear it and not you know sparking unfounded concerns or anxieties um among the broader student population a population that seems ready to have a.

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