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How Has China Responded To Nancy Pelosi’s Visit To Taiwan?; Watch

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “How Has China Responded To Nancy Pelosi’s Visit To Taiwan?; Watch” here is their detail.

Want to tell you about how china's responded to comments made so far by nancy pelosi since she's touched down in taipei in fact nancy pelosi has said that rick committed to supporting taiwan's vibrant democracy a clear message then to china china has responded saying that this visit by nancy pelosi is a serious violation of.

The one china principle the message from pelosi about vibrant democracy and supporting it hasn't gone down well with china pelosi has said we're focused on a free and open indo-pacific region this means great huge repercussions for india as well china has said that u.s is attempting to use taiwan to contain us to send out a message to beijing now.

Beyond that pelosi also said that america is in solidarity with the 23 million people of taiwan she hasn't held back she's known to take on china time and again beijing has responded saying taiwan is an inalienable part of china's territory they're trying to establish the one china principle time and again velocity has also said that u.s opposes.

Unilateral efforts to change status quo another very very clear message to beijing to china which they didn't appreciate they're saying those who play with fire will perish by it the strongest warning that's been issued by beijing by china in fact they followed that up by saying we won't sit by idly and that's what we've really seen in the.

Sense that we've seen warnings escalation also with military drills being conducted gita mohan foreign affairs editor is also getting us the latest updates on this gita what had many worried is the news that came in late last night about how they were chinese aircraft that entered into the air defense zone.

Of taiwan well that's right not just yet last night the chinese war planes have been conducting certain drills and have been going very close to the median line between the taiwan space for some time now so the message very clear that there is going to be consequences and action and china.

Certainly is going to do that let's begin with what china has done apart from the military operations uh akshata the fact that china warned of economic sanctions is something that certainly is going to be uh of concern and that already has begun the latest coming in from chinese mainland is that they are suspended imports of citrus roots.

Chilled white hair tail and frozen horse mackerel from taiwan region from wednesday onwards which means uh from today these imports will stop so it is going to be lost for taiwan and in many ways than one if china starts taking other economic uh decisions with regards to the not just imports but also exports to taiwan then.

Taiwan could face some serious trouble and that's uh that's an area of concern is nancy pelosi's visit worth so much of economic trouble uh for taiwan that certainly is going to be a question okay gita thank you very much for joining us with all of those details gita also referring to the kind of economic steps that china could take in.

Response to nancy pelosi's visit but pelosi is expected in some time from now to also meet with the taiwanese president another meeting that china will watch very very closely and trust us here in india today as we get to every single live update that comes in from taipei and how china is reacting to every meeting every move by nancy pelosi.

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