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How China’s Covid numbers will worry the airline companies

How China’s Covid numbers will worry the airline companies

The seemingly uncontrollable rise in coveted cases coming now through from China’s having all sorts of effects around the world we’ve seen travel restrictions come in from some countries for Chinese visitors and the markets aren’t immune from their effects of all this it’s not conclusive in the west of course we’ve had effective vaccines now.

For two and a half years but China’s vaccine program has been less ineffective for a number of different reasons not least of which they’re not buying into the West’s defenses that they built up around covid which is enabling us all to live now with covid-19 not so the case in China almost a million people expected now in China.

Almost every day to have covid that’s the estimates coming through from some Western commentators China itself says about 5 000 cases a day but we know about the Chinese estimations on their country’s data now we’ve seen the US has become the latest country to ban Chinese visitors that haven’t been tested into their soil.

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