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How Biden’s classified document discovery compares to Trump | JUST THE FAQs

Classified documents were discoveredat an office President Joe Biden used in the interim between when he wasvice president and when he was elected president. This discovery echoes the findings of more than a hundred classifieddocuments seized at Mar-a-Lago, but there are key differences betweenthose two cases. In the Biden case, there were what the White Housedescribed as a small number of classified documents in a locked closetat the Penn Biden Center. They were immediately turned over thenext day to the National Archives.

In Trump’s case, though, the National Archives had soughtthe return of more than 11,000 documents for as long as he had leftthe administration in January of 2021. The FBI searched Mar-a-Lagoin August of 2022 and found 11,000 documentsand included among them, more than a hundred classified documents, which raised questions about what secrets, might have been revealed tocasual visitors at Mar-a-Lago. Attorney General Merrick Garlandappointed a special counsel, Jack Smith,.

To investigate thosedocuments at Mar-a-Lago. So there is a special counselinvestigating. In the Biden case, the Justice Department has askedthe US attorney in Chicago, John Lausch, to investigate the documents. Lausch is a holdover fromthe Trump administration. That hasn’t been enoughfor Trump supporters. One of his spokesman said that aspecial council should be appointed for the Biden documents as well. The Chairman of the House Oversight andAccountability Committee, James Comer,.

A Republican of Kentucky, has said that he will investigate howthese documents were found and whether the two officials, Biden and Trump have beentreated differently by theJustice Department as an investigates both cases.

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